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With a large family, Colby and I know that we are outnumbered. We learned from the very beginning that teaching our children to be independent not only helps them, but us as well. Knowing that the kids can take care of themselves, each other, plus Colby and I, if ever needed, offers us peace of mind. Simple tips and tricks, such as stocking the pantry with StarKist Kid’s Creations Tuna Pouches, make it even easier.

Teaching your child independence - tips and tricks

Teaching Your Child Independence

In our homeschool day, we begin to incorporate “home economics” around the age of 7. Teaching the kids to cook, wash clothes, and clean are all part of our daily routine — and help foster their independence. Teaching your children independence doesn’t have to be difficult. A few tips can help make it part of your daily life where the kids simply learn as they go.

independence with Starkist Kids

Give Choices

Before we purchase groceries for the week, we ask the kids what they want for meals during the week. Part of being self-sufficient is bring able to make choices on your own. We give them the opportunity to make choices, and then decide, based on their lists, what will make be on the menu that week. Often, items such as new StarKist Kid’s Creations Tuna Pouches, make lunchtime easy. The kids get better meals that taste great and are quick and simple to make. For example, the kids can make their own lunch by adding StarKist Kid’s Creations Honey BBQ to a roll, add some chips and grapes to a plate, and be ready to eat. Under 5 minutes to prep and little clean up!

Starkist Kids Creations promote independence

Hold Back

One of the most difficult parts of teaching independence is sitting back and watching. Sure, I still offer advice along the way in the beginning, but after a while they really have to do their own way. Things may get a little messy along the way, but soap and water are always available. Make sure they have time to finish the task at hand so no need to rush them, then take a step back and watch them at work.

Hawaiian King Rolls with Starkist Kids Honey BBQ

Offer Praise

Once the task is completed, praise the child on a job well done. Let go of your own desire for perfection or what you think the finished product should look like and congratulate them on a job well done. It’s really more about the effort and giving them the confidence to keep trying.

Honey BBQ flavored Starkist

Even with our fifth child, it’s often difficult for me to sit back and watch as they make mistakes or struggle to get something right. But then, I look at our twenty year old and how well she was able to take care of things upon moving out. I never once had to go to her house to cook dinner, wash her clothes, or help put something together. She simply knew. She was independent and self-sufficient. So, yes, I may have congratulated myself (and Colby) on at least one job well done so far!

teaching independence in kids - Starkist

StarKist Kid’s Creations

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