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Did you know Dove Hair found that 8 in 10 women feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way? Do you ever feel like that? With fashion trends on social media, it’s easy to see how the pressure can be overwhelming. There are accounts devoted to nothing but hair styles and we can’t all make hair look that fabulous!

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Teaching My Girls to Love Their Hair

Or can we? I believe that fabulous hair comes in many fashions. For me, I’ve had curls my entire life. They can definitely get out of control sometimes, but I get them from my mom and simply love them—most of the time. Although, I think I really understood how amazing they were last year when Dove launched their Love Your Curls campaign. It put my ringlets into a new perspective for me. Unfortunately, not one of our 4 daughters got my curls… but our only son did!

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Nevertheless, my girls all have a head full of beautiful, healthy brown hair. Funny enough, they have brown hair much lighter than my dark brown hair. I envy their color while they envy my curls. Yet, we celebrate the diversity. I have been their hair stylist throughout the years, and they like to challenge me with their styles. My oldest daughter would bring me pictures of her favorite musician and ask me to cut her hair in similar fashion. It wasn’t always easy, but she always loved the results.

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Now, as her younger sisters are growing into their own, they do the same. They are outgrowing the every day ponytail or messy bun and are looking for more style. As a self-proclaimed tomboy who has never worried much about style, they push me outside my comfort zones with hair styles, but we give them the freedom to be who they want to be. Being unique is what makes them amazing.

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In the same aforementioned study, Dove also discovered that 82% of girls learn to care about themselves from their mother.  I had to learn to love my hair in order to ensure I was giving them the confidence they needed to love their locks. Dove Hair believes a positive role model can greatly impact a girl’s confidence and I believe that rolls over into every facet of their lives. When it comes to my daughters, I want them to be strong, confident, successful women. By showing them unconditional love and allowing them to be who they are, I hope that leads them to fulfill all their dreams.

Joeli and I selfie

Dove wants each of, as mothers, to celebrate the beauty of your daughter’s hair today—so she loves her hair tomorrow! Tell your daughter why you love her hair and inspire her to do the same by creating and sharing a custom #LoveYourHair animated message with Dove. Simply upload a picture of you and your daughter, customize it, then share! Let’s show our girls how beautiful their hair truly is.