Confidence Exudes Beauty
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BeautyStat. All opinions are my own and not edited by the sponsor.

Recently, our youngest three daughters and I went to Target to look for new products for kids. We knew we needed to try the new line of salon formula kids hair care products and found them easily. In fact, you can even find them online at and tell others about it to earn rewards with their SoCozy Stylers program.

teachable moments in hair styling with SoCozy

Teachable Moments

As we walked through the store, we talked about the new products and how they are non-toxic. Basically meaning SoCozy products are made especially for children from 2 to 12, without the harsh chemicals. As a parent, I enjoyed knowing that hair care could be that simple, and gentle, when it came to my girls. Of course, we also discovered teachable moments in our search for the products, as well as during their use.

SoCozy salon products for kids 2 to 12

So Beautiful

Discussing new hairstyles, we discovered that everyone has beauty. It is found within each and every person and presents itself differently in each one. As young girls, this is so important to understand. They are OH SO BEAUTIFUL and I wanted them to understand that.

So Happy

Jaci, my 9 year old, is seen in the video getting her hair styled. She often finds her self “settling” for things to hurry through decisions. We had a teachable moment before filming as she chose a hairstyle. Those red eyes? Frustration over making a choice. I had to remind her that she doesn’t have to settle. That she can make the choice that makes her HAPPY. That is what was most important.

So Loving

Jaden, the sister fixing Jaci’s hair, had to learn a few lessons of her own. In addition to practicing patience, she also discovered the the true importance of kindness, compassion, and tolerance when dealing with others. To LOVE deeply… even when she may not want to. Mean girls are never winners.

Through the process, the girls were able to not only find an outward beauty with fabulous, shiny, healthy-looking hair, but they learned so much more. Teachable moments can be found in any situation when it comes to parenting… even when simply trying out new SoCozy hair products.

SoCozy hair products for kids

Oh, and that “process” we went through included:

  1. Wash – We used the Cinch 3 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash at bath time. Not only does it cleanse wonderfully, but it conditions hair leaving it silky smooth, shiny and manageable. Plus, the Mango fragrance was absolutely enticing and left them with a sweet-smelling head of hair!
  2. Detangle – Our youngest has a thyroid disorder that can often be seen through her hair. Yes, it sounds strange. But it is a mess every morning. The Cinch Detangler + Leave-In Conditioner worked wonders on her hair! Within minutes and a few sprays, I was able to comb through it with ease. (This never happens).
  3. Style – Finally, with soft, manageable hair, we were ready to style their hair. Using the Behave Styling Gel, we were able to easily keep those baby hairs in place without making it crunchy. Additionally, washing it out to repeat the process was super easy!

Overall, the girls and I both enjoyed SoCozy. The fruit fragrances and gentle cleansing formula were perfect for the needs of the kids. I enjoyed the beautifully managed hair and they liked smelling wonderful. It was a win-win for mom and the kids!

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