Texas-size fajita meat sampler

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I don’t believe it’s any secret that Texas is big. With 268,597 mi² to cover, you can bet there are a variety of landscapes, cultures and traditions across The Lone Star State. Honestly, one of my favorite parts about the diversity across Texas is the flavors represented. We even have our “own category” of food that we like to call Tex-Mex. It’s definitely the one we eat the most of around here.

local brands of Texas

Taste of Texas

In fact, when we have out-of-state visitors, we make sure to give them a little “taste of Texas.” This always includes our favorite Tex-Mex dishes — from cheese enchiladas with chili con carne to carnitas. The spicier the better! Don’t worry, we also keep plenty of Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water in stock just in case it gets a bit too spicy. Even Ozarka Water itself comes from 3 Texas springs and has a uniquely Texan fresh taste, so they are still getting more of flavors of our great state! Did I happen to mention that we’re also a very proud state?

Ozarka drinking water

We actually happen to live in a lake city. In fact, it is one of the largest lakes in North Texas. Just over our back fence, we have an amazing view of the lake and love watching the sun set over it. Additionally, our little town offers everything from wave boarding to live music by the water to chili cook-offs. There is always something going-on and it’s incredible to be part of such a fun, family-friendly community. It’s the main reason we love where we live. But, that doesn’t keep us from exploring other areas of Texas by way of a road trip here and there when we can.

flavors of Texas #FromHereForHere

We have driven to almost every “corner” of the state. There are the gulf shores of Galveston and South Padre, the metropolitan cities of Houston and Austin, the hill country of San Antonio, and even the desolate cities of the West. There is so much to see and do and take in as you explore the state. Even better, there is so much food to enjoy! Just take a look at the recent sampler we enjoyed with our family and friends — all brands found right here in Texas!

Texas-size fajita meat sampler


Paqui Tortilla Chips are more than just any ol’ chip. They offer “better-for-you” tortilla chips and tortillas that are crafted with unbleached, untreated flour, or by stone grinding corn and adding mouth-watering flavors using high-quality ingredients, such as fire-roasted jalapenos, fresh cilantro leaves, buttermilk, pumpkin and other spices and flavors. We tried the Sour Cream & Salsa Verde and could not get enough! Paqui is an Aztec word that means “to be happy” and they do their best to make that happen.

Yellowbird Habanero Sauce

Yellowbird Sauce

Remember when I said “the spicier the better?” Yellowbird Habanero Sauce is a totally natural, spicy pepper condiment made in Austin. Yellowbird Sauce goes great on tacos, burgers, wings, sushi, pasta, steak, fish, eggs, pizza, soup… anything you can think of! We squeezed it onto chicken and steak fajitas, pork carnitas, beans and rice. It added just the right amount of spice and flavor to every bite!

fajitas with Yellowbird Sauce and Ozarka water

The Jelly Queens

Circling back around to our home city of Dallas, The Jelly Queens Black Garlic Rosemary BBQ Sauce added a bit of zest to our fajitas. We wanted to try different flavors on them as we ate, and this was a terrific addition to our sampler. The Jelly Queens make each product in small batches using organic and, whenever possible, locally grown Texas ingredients. Therefore, you are truly getting a taste of Texas with each bite.

Ozarka Brand made in Texas

Each of these local flavors perfectly blended with our traditional Tex-Mex foods that we enjoy cooking on the grill. Hosting cook-outs for our family and friends is always the perfect way to share our favorite foods with others. Of course, Colby will find any excuse to grill. I mean, BBQ is pretty much a way of life in Texas, right? As long as we have plenty of tantalizing foods on hand to serve and a cooler full of Texas-based Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water, we are good to go!

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