Fall and Winter in Texas do not necessarily mean we have to move everything indoors. In fact, it means we can spend more time outdoors because we are not in danger of heat exhaustion. Plus, even if we have to move indoors, our family still has plenty of room to move around and have fun.

Target Game for Indoors and Out

With this in mind, do you remember playing the target games such as Tic Tac Toe at county fairs or something of that sort? Well, Escalade Sports introduced a new target game with a twist. CANZ is a lightweight, fun game you can carry with you. It is perfect for taking to the beach, park, or Friday night tailgate party. The newly designed aerodynamic look and feel of the game makes perfectly twisted spirals look easy.

CANZ comes with six air funnel tossers, a target goal, ground stakes, and a carrying case for easy transport. In fact, we were able to easily set it up at my parent’s house one afternoon to give it a try. Knowing we spend much of our time there outdoors, we brought it along for some great family fun. By the way, who said girls cannot play in dresses. My girls were out there, dresses and all, rocking the game. They enjoyed the friendly competition and bonding time with their daddy. After explaining the game, each one picked a color and took a few practice throws.

target game

Although aiming took a little getting used to, both girls were finally able to make it into the target. The tossers are light enough for the girls to handle, but heavy enough to get where they are supposed to go. Plus, their little hands easily fit around the ergonomically shaped tossers for easy maneuvering. The bright colors of the tossers made them easy to find in the grass, and the vivid green meant quick focusing for the next toss. And points were simple to calculate: 1 point if your tosser lands on the green rim and 3 points if you are able to get into the basket.

Football and Frisbee

After spending a bit of time in competition, the girls were ready for some recreational play. Plus, this time they could easily include their daddy. The tough, yet soft, [amazon_link id=”B006U0X2YA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]DIZK[/amazon_link] is a flying disc game that is perfect for playing in the yard. Its unique designs allows it to fly through the air unlike most mainstream Frisbees. Plus, the hole in the center of the disc makes it easier to catch and throw… perfect for little hands. My Princess enjoyed tossing it around and was not frustrated with it like he typically gets when playing Frisbee.

flying disc

JJ, our resident tomboy, loved the soft-grip football, TOZZ. The [amazon_link id=”B006U0X2V8″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]TOZZ [/amazon_link]features an aerodynamic air tunnel that helps you throw a perfect spiral every time. She was delighted to find that she could play catch with her daddy and the boys and throw perfectly with each release of the hand. Hey… I might know a few NFL quarterbacks that could use the TOZZ! *HeeHee*

soft grip football

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