how to talk to your daughter about her period #PlaytexSportSquad
Disclosure: I’m talking about how to talk to your daughter about her period thanks to Playtex® Sport® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #PlaytexSportSquad.

Awkward or not, it is an important right of passage that every parent of daughters know how to talk to their daughter about her period.

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It is, after all, a fact of life and she needs to be prepared when it happens. They need to know what is going to happen and the products necessary, such as Playtex® Sport®.

how to talk to your daughter about her period

Talk to Your Daughter About Her Period

I decided to take a different approach than the one my mom used, but I already had a teaching relationship with my daughters. 

Considering we homeschool, it was easy to insert the necessary conversations into our health lessons. But, it may not come easy for all parents and it can be a difficult conversation to have.

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So what are some tips to be prepared and get started?

Start Early

Considering girls are maturing much quicker nowadays, you should likely start early with “the talk.”

Although you do not have to overload a 7 year old with details, it would be wise to begin to prepare her for changes. In fact, your daughter may ask questions as she notices developments on her own and this opens up the door for discussion.

Be prepared and make sure you acknowledge her thirst for information. Whether than get caught up in how it all works, simply explain how she will be affected and what it will mean for her.

The other parts can be filled in later as she begins to understand the inner workings of her body.

Be Prepared

Since the onset of her period can occur at any given moment, it is important to be prepared at all times. Make sure you keep up-to-date with the latest supplies needed. Playtex® Sport® Tampon & Liner Combo Packs are designed for dual-form users.

This gives your daughters the option to choose what she is most comfortable with. Not to mention, as an active teen, Playtex® Sport® has a 360°™ design and FlexFit™ technology that moves when she moves.

Whether swimming, biking, running or some other activity, Playtex® Sport® moves with you.

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Therefore, purchase Playtex® Sport® products ahead of time and make sure your daughter understands how to properly use them.

Stick a few supplies in her school backpack or in the car for an unexpected visit while away from home. The more knowledge she has on the subject, and the better prepared she is, the less she will be worried when she gets her first period.

For my girls, biking and running keep them going and being able to move without restriction is essential.

Finding the right Playtex® Sport® product keeps them active so that they can continue doing what they enjoy without worrying about comfort or protection during that time.

Be Supportive

As with any change, the transformation for a little girl to a young lady can be unnerving and stressful… for you and your daughter!

The more support you show your daughter before and during her menstruation cycle, the better it will be for both of you. Let her know that you are available to answer her questions, listen to her concerns, and to just be there for her when she needs you.

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It is an emotional time of the growing process and your daughter needs to know she can lean on you.

You can do this!