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Monday Madness

Mondays around here are always insane. I don’t know why but I always have a migraine by the end of the day (just took 2 Excedrin Migraine pills … waiting for them to “kick in” so I can lay down in bed without the pounding in the front of my … Read more

homeschool computer system

New Year, New Ventures

Seeing how we desperately need to generate more income, and the fact that I don’t want to clutter this blog with affiliate ads, I have decided to try something else. I have started a new blog called “Searching for Deals“. I figured I could combine my new love for blogs … Read more

New Year

Impromptu New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! It’s funny, as we were watching the ball drop and counting down to the New Year, my son was dancing around and flinging his arms in anxiety. I asked him what he was so excited about and he said he didn’t know. I asked if … Read more

family Christmas 2007

Christmas Chaos

Whew! Am I glad Christmas is done and over! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy celebrating the birth of my Saviour, but the commercial side of Christmas is too overwhelming — especially with 4 kids! We went to bed at 9:30pm Christmas Day and I did not get out of bed … Read more

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