{30 Days of Praise} Grateful for Love… Above All Else

Day 30: Thirty days has November… As we embark on the last month of 2011, I am most grateful for love. Love makes my world go round more than anything else. The love I get from my husband, children and parents sustains me every day. And even more so, the agape … Read more

{30 Days of Praise} Grateful for my Adoring Husband

Day 19: Since it is my husband’s birthday, I thought today would be the perfect day to begin my “grateful” posts for each of my family members. Therefore, today I am BEYOND thankful for my amazing husband of over 17 years. After meeting in high school {the end of his … Read more

Twenty Years Together and He Still Moves Me

Do you remember the first time you saw your significant other? Do you still remember that first kiss? The innocent flirting back and forth? For me, it seems like yesterday when SuperDad and I first talked as I sat on the tailgate of my best friend’s truck and called him over. {Yes, … Read more

Colby and Staci

Livin’ Our Love Song

Livin’ Our Love Song Baby, when I look at you With your hair falling down in your baby blues Standing there across the room I get so lost in the way you move It makes me reminisce, back to years ago On a night like this Teary-eyed, as you took … Read more