Living with a surface clean freak

Living with a Surface Clean Freak is Making Me Crazy

I tell people all the time that Colby is a clean freak. And he really is. Sort of. Recently we began purging everything in our house to prepare for our upcoming move. I want to only take those things that we really need and get rid of the rest. This … Read more

Sorry, Kids, I love your dad more than you

Sorry, Kids, I Love Your Dad More Than You

When Colby and I reconciled our marriage, I had learned one pretty alarming bit of advice that was completely opposite of what I was raised to believe. Of course, if you read that last sentence again you may make note of one KEY part of it: Colby and I were … Read more

Colby and I at the Arch in Cabo San Lucas

Why I Tell My Husband He’s Fat

First, before anyone throws rocks at me, I don’t really tell Colby he’s “fat.” I really only use that word to describe myself. No one else. And even then, I have to do so with care because giving my girls any sort of weight complex is definitely not a goal … Read more

Celebrate Valentine's Day Year Round

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Year Round

Many couples are discovering the art of daily demonstrations of affection, love and respect. In essence, celebrating Valentine’s Day year round.

Ideas for a Cozy Valentine’s Day

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? If I can be honest, I don’t get wrapped up in the commercial side of the holiday. Colby can buy me “gifts” any day of the year. But, I do appreciate the thought that goes into spending time together. My love language, all day, … Read more

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