Almost Back in the Game

Well … this is just a sampling of the medicines we’ve had the past few weeks. The children’s brands are missing … I think my son used them all. I know there is also at least one more missing that Super Dad takes to work with him still. plus, we … Read more

The saga continues …

Well, here it is Friday … an Princess JF is STILL sick! At least we haven’t had any vomiting since day one … but it’s pretty sad watching her feel so miserable. Let’s see if I can time line it for you … and you’ll see why I haven’t been … Read more

Illness sets in …

As if me being laid up on the couch feeling nauseous all day wasn’t enough, Princess JF seems to have caught a stomach bug! She told me yesterday at lunch that her tummy hurt, and I figured she just didn’t want to eat lunch. About an hour later she climbed … Read more

To explain my absence …

I can’t believe I have been “absent” from my computer for the past 3 or 4 days. My husband kept asking if I wanted to get on … but I just couldn’t bring myself to sit in this chair yet. Explanation coming. Let’s see … my absence. Well, let me … Read more

sensory processing disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon/evening trying to figure out how school was going to run for us this next semester since we are starting the new program. As I clicked on every possible link of the school’s website, I came across the parent forums. I read through and … Read more

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