farmhouse kitchen window decor

Going from Builder Grade to Farmhouse Kitchen

Through a partnership with The Home Depot, we spent three weeks working diligently to transform our builder grade kitchen to the farmhouse style kitchen we’ve envisioned for months.

Practical Garage Storage Ideas

DIY Garage Makeover Using Practical Garage Storage Ideas

The garage has always been our catch-all space. The place where things go when it doesn’t have a specific spot to go inside. And my husband is the worst about throwing everything into the garage. I do mean EVERYTHING. When we moved recently, we found so many things we thought … Read more

How to Create a Gallery Wall Around a Mounted TV

How to Create a Gallery Wall Around a Mounted TV

I have been slowly working to decorate our new house—still, six months after moving in. It’s a process I keep reminding myself. Honestly, I think it’s because I am crazy picky. We purged as much as possible before the move and we have been slowly working to refurnish and decorate … Read more

chicken nesting box

New Home Tour :: Sitting Room, Get Comfortable

Although you technically walk into the front entryway when you enter our home, you can’t miss the sitting room. It’s definitely one of my favorite rooms already. It’s been slowly coming together and I love seeing it each time I open the front door. Sitting Room First, I don’t know … Read more

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