In Honor of Sgt. Samuel E. Kelsey for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon as and as we spend the day celebrating a day off from work {for some at least}, we should also remember those that have gone before us and sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we have today. My dad, along with both of my grandfathers, most of my … Read more

I’m back… I think!

I can’t  believe my last post was almost exactly 2 years ago! Wow how things have gone up and down since then! I have wanted to start blogging again several times but have always found an excuse not to. So, I have begun by redesigning the blog and trying some … Read more

Unshakeable Faith

Ironic that this is the current series we are going through at church: Unshakeable Faith. The series began on the Sunday morning following our doctor’s appointment on Thursday, March 27, where we were told that we had lost our baby, Reagan. It was simply the hardest news I’ve ever had … Read more

April 2, 2008

First of all I need to mention that we decided to name our angel “Reagan”. We had only tossed around a few names and this was one that Drama Queen & I liked, and when I looked up the meaning this week I found that it meant “little king/queen” or … Read more

Mother’s Intuition

(Reposted from our MySpace blog): Ya know, in all the times in my life when I was right … I was praying that I would be wrong at least this once. When I left for the doctor on Thursday morning, March 27, I simply put on our MySpace that we … Read more