{Post From the Past} – Remembering Reagan

When I discovered I was pregnant with baby #5 I was both delighted and scared. Five kids? Five? SuperDad was scheduled for a vasectomy the week after I went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. My doctor suggested we put off his appointment until after the baby was born … Read more

In Honor of Sgt. Samuel E. Kelsey for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon as and as we spend the day celebrating a day off from work {for some at least}, we should also remember those that have gone before us and sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we have today. My dad, along with both of my grandfathers, most of my … Read more

I’m back… I think!

I can’t  believe my last post was almost exactly 2 years ago! Wow how things have gone up and down since then! I have wanted to start blogging again several times but have always found an excuse not to. So, I have begun by redesigning the blog and trying some … Read more

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