Putting Things into Perspective

Putting Things into Perspective

Putting things into perspective is comparing it to a similar situation. The end result is a clear, more accurate understanding of the problem and coming to the realization you understand its importance.

Harriet Beecher Stowe quote about regret

Life is Too Short for Regrets

We’ve had 17 days to immerse ourselves in the reality that my mom is no longer here. It’s been a harsh reality to accept and we are doing our best to move forward. The days are hard and the nights often harder. The silence intensifies the memories and regrets. So.many.regrets. … Read more

Chey Steph and Mom at MD Anderson

Goodnight, Mom. I Love You.

I stood at the foot of my mom’s hospital bed watching as my sister stroked Mom’s hair and kissed her goodnight. I observed the machines around the bed. Medicines dripped through IV lines while various colored lights shone through the dimly lit room. Beeps and alarms randomly permeated the otherwise … Read more

Baby Number 5

Getting to Baby Number 5 Took Some Work

After 4 uneventful, healthy pregnancies, getting to baby number 5 took some work. We were beyond devastated when we suffered a miscarriage in March 2008. Getting to Baby Number 5 I knew the moment it happened. I just felt it and I prayed for 2 weeks I was wrong. When … Read more

{Post From the Past} – Remembering Reagan

When I discovered I was pregnant with baby #5 I was both delighted and scared. Five kids? Five? SuperDad was scheduled for a vasectomy the week after I went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. My doctor suggested we put off his appointment until after the baby was born … Read more