life of miscarriage

The Life of a Miscarriage

Last week as we were driving home from somewhere, Princess (our 7 year old) began asking questions about Reagan, the baby we lost to miscarriage at 14 weeks. She does this occasionally. We tell her that her middle name is “Random” because she totally is… just like my dad. It makes … Read more

depression therapies

Dealing with Depression in a Child

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of Did you know that women experience depression about twice as often as men? And that depression can be a disorder at any age? It knows no age barriers.  Dealing with Depression in a Child My husband and I discovered … Read more

Message for Reagan

I have been sitting here for the past hour think of how to write this post. Today marks the 5 years of when we found out Reagan was no longer with us and, it has been 5 years of wondering and remembering. Hard to Start You see, I am a … Read more

I’m back… I think!

I can’t  believe my last post was almost exactly 2 years ago! Wow how things have gone up and down since then! I have wanted to start blogging again several times but have always found an excuse not to. So, I have begun by redesigning the blog and trying some … Read more

April 2, 2008

First of all I need to mention that we decided to name our angel “Reagan”. We had only tossed around a few names and this was one that Drama Queen & I liked, and when I looked up the meaning this week I found that it meant “little king/queen” or … Read more