This is where we’re at….

I have been asked for specifics in prayer requests and am not afraid to let others know what is going on. I want people to understand that my daughter is not crazy, she is suffering within the confines of her own mind. Thus, these are copied and pasted from emails … Read more

Praise Him In This Storm

  Wow! Where did February go? This past month just flew right past me and looking back it seems like such a blur! But, we do have a few praises from the weekend… hence the awesome song by Casting Crowns, “Praise Him in This Storm.” First though, Saturday morning we … Read more

My schedule is filling up!

I was having a conversation with my lone Prince tonight when some how we got on the topic of dates. I began looking through the calendar on my phone and reading aloud all the doctor appointments I have over the next month. Well, Princess CJ has an ortho appointment and … Read more

Finding Princess JF in Finding Nemo

It seems movies have a classic storyline where the beginning involves some tragedy that the characters must overcome within a 2 hour time slot. Well, as I tried to explain to Princess JL what was going on with her sister this was the only analogy I could come up with. … Read more

Just… Grrrrr!

I remember when Princess JF was one of my best sleepers. Not anymore! She woke up at 5:45am today crying because she wanted me. So, I let her lay in bed with me since SuperDad’s alarm was going to set to go off in 15 minutes anyways. After calming her down, and … Read more

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