Gobble Guppies

Swimming Pool Games for Kids: SwimWays Pool Toys

We have “finally” hit the triple digits this summer. That means plenty of pool days. It also means we have to get creative with the kids sometimes in the form of swimming pool games.

It seems that just swimming alone doesn’t always keep them entertained. No worries. We have games and SwimWays pool toys!

Swimming Pool Games for Kids

SwimWays Pool Toys

Having pool toys means we can typically hold out on the girls getting on each other’s nerves while in the pool. The youngest three are so near in age that it just happens after a while.

Fortunately, a little creativity and props can mean laughter and joy as they stay cool in the swimming pool.

Swimways Squidivers

Equipped with the SwimWays Squidivers, we found great ways to incorporate them into Swimming Pool Games for Kids:

  1. Color Crunch: As the players line up along the side of the pool (facing away so as to not see), scatter the Squidivers around the pool. A quick “On your mark, Get set, GO!” and it’s game on! Each player jumps in and finds the Squidivers as fast as they can. Add up the value of the colors found and the winner is the swimmer with the highest point value gathered. *Can also be played in teams.
  2. Squid Scramble: Line players up after tossing Squidivers across the pool while the swimmers were not watching. Start a timer and give each player (one at a time) 30 seconds to collect as many squid as possible. The player that gathers the most after 30 seconds wins. *Make sure to make the game fair by spreading the squid out over the same area. I *may* know this from experience. 
  3. Scavenger Hunt: (Requires more pool toys) Make a list of various toys/objects to be found in the bottom of the pool. Make sure to have at least 2 of each object based on number of teams. One person calls out the objects while the teams dive for them. The first team/player to find each of the toys the fastest wins.
  4. Squid Swim Relay: Divide into teams. On que, each team sends a swimmer to one end of the pool and back holding a SwimWays Squidiver. Upon return, the Squidiver is passed to the next swimmer in line until each team player has finished the laps. Fastest team (without dropping the Squidiver) wins.
  5. Rescue the Squid: Divide into teams. Number each person on the team. Throw a Squidiver into the pool and call out a corresponding number for the players. The 2 players then jump in and search for the squid. The first team to rescue the squid gets 2 points. The team with the highest points wins. *Set a winning value prior to starting. 10 is a great number for younger kids.

If the kids begin looking for something a little different, the SwimWays Gobble Gobble Guppies is perfect for a change of pace.

Gobble Guppies

Or, we use the Gobble Gobble Guppies to keep our youngest entertained while the oldest play. She loves squeezing the trigger to gobble up the guppies.

Plus, she can work on colors and counting, as well as her fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Not bad for a little pool time.

What swimming pool games do your kids enjoy?