Lipton tea

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I’ve mentioned before how Colby would grill every meal outside if he could. And he doesn’t care about the weather, Rain or shine, hot or cold, he is ready to fire up his grill. Of course, the 4th of July being one of the most classic grilling holidays, you can bet he was out there standing in front of his grill making a large meal for everyone.

Summer is Season for Grilling

Season for Grilling

With one quick grocery run we were able to grab all of the supplies we needed, plus some. At Albertsons, they make it easy to stock up now on everything your family needs for delicious summer meals—including cookouts. In fact, when you spend $30 on participating Unilever products such as like Country Crock, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Hellmann’s, Knorr and Lipton, you will save $10 instantly. You could easily meal plan, then shop for every summer meal during one shopping trip and save. After all, summer IS the season for grilling—from breakfast to dinner.

save $10 instantly when you spend $30

Knowing our older kids had the holiday off and would be spending the day at our house, we decided it would be the perfect time to fire up the grill. (Again, not that Colby needed a reason). He and I took a trip to the store to stock up on the foods and drinks for the day. While at the store we decided to invite even more family over, so hamburgers, hot dogs, and even steak were all on the day’s menu. There needed to be plenty to go around and enough variety to keep everyone happy and fed.

making apple and peach pie

While their dad worked on grilling all of the meat, I worked in the kitchen teaching the girls how to make pies. As we were filling one apple and one peach pie, Jaden mentioned that she had just completed a summer bucket list survey asking if she had ever made an apple pie. She had to answer no but was excited about being able to answer “YES” next time. I walked them through the process from rolling out the dough to form the lattice top to melting Country Crock butter to brush over it for proper browning. They were pretty excited about making their first pies (solo) and I was stoked to eat them!

Knorr Grilled Steak and Summer Vegetable Rice

In the meantime, Colby continued grilling. Because we wanted to try something new, we made the Knorr Grilled Steak and Summer Vegetable Rice we found on the Knorr website. Steak is, obvioulsy, one of Colby’s favorite meats and rice makes an ideal side dish with large groups. With Knorr, it was even easier since everything came in one convenient packet. Being in Texas, Colby used a spicy BBQ rub in lieu of the olive oil and fresh herbs. He also decided to add grilled vegetables to the side for topping the rice based on individual tastes. This worked out well for our guests considering everyone seemed to enjoy adding their own flair to their plates.

Lipton tea

It ended up being a terrific celebration with our family. As we shared the meal together, we were also able to sit and enjoy the weather and each other’s company. With a tall glass of Lipton Sweet Tea, as we do here in the South, and a host of outdoor games, the holiday was definitely one for the books.

Ready to get grilling?

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