Johnson's No More Tangles spray
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Texas summers can really heat up. 3 out of 4 of our daughters like to keep their hair long and that can mean summer hairstyles are a must. Keeping your hair off your neck can make a huge difference in 100° weather. Johnson’s No More Tangles helps us keep the girls’ hair styled and their bodies a little cooler.

Johnson's No More Tangles spray

Johnson’s No More Tangles

Luckily, the girls have each other to go to when it comes to hairstyles. I am surely not that great at keeping them looking great. I can barely do a ponytail some days. Johnson’s No More Tangles makes it even simpler. Their 3-step hair care regimen provides everything you need to have beautiful, clean, tangle-free hair. Tangle-free being the operative word around here. The tears when we have tangles are hard for everyone to handle.

The 3-step hair care regimen consists of:

  • Step 1: JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Shampoo & Conditioner leaves hair beautiful and easy to manage
  • Step 2: JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Leave In Conditioner controls wild frizz and tangles for silky, shiny hair
  • Step 3: JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Detangling Spray instantly unlocks stubborn knots in wet or dry hair

Each step perfectly flowing with the next to create a head full of easy to manage, beautiful hair.

embellish with a bow

Summer Look On-the-Go

I can also tell you that my girls never seem to think of fixing their hair BEFORE we leave the house. Typically having nothing more than a hairband one might have around their wrist, we have to be able to work with what is available. But that does not always mean it has to look just thrown up. For example, a few twists of the hair here and there can create a fun summer look on-the-go. 2 minutes and you can be ready for fun in the sun!

  1. Comb through the hair with fingers. The Johnson’s No More Tangles Detangling Spray travels well and is perfect for styling hair with your fingers while out and about.
  2. Gather hair from the forehead to just above the ears and twist as tight as comfortably allowed. (One of my girls is super sensitive so depends on your child). summer hairstyle twist
  3. Repeat on opposite side.
  4. Have both twisted groups of hair meet in the back and wrap hairband around them. twist ponytail
  5. Finish off with a bow  for an added element of fun.

She is now ready to hit the ground running… and keep cool doing it with her hair off her neck. Easy peasy!

What is your favorite summer look on-the-go?

Learn more about Johnson’s No More Tangles and how it helps hair stay smooth and strong to help prevent breakage.

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