Come Along on a Summer Learning Challenge with Brain Chase

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At 9am Eastern on Monday, June 22, the 2015 Summer Learning Challenge with Brain Chase will begin. Registrants will log in and meet Mae Merriweather  for the first time as she and her team of adventurers begin their search for the Sunstone of Cortés. This incredible 5-week adventure is brought to you through Brain Chase.

2015 Brain Chase adventure items

Summer Learning

Knowing that research shows kids lose ground academically over the summer, and concerned about their own 5 children, founders Allan and Heather Staker created Brain Chase. Through the program, they developed academic challenges their kids (and others) would love. Not to mention, the challenge will work to enrich children’s minds through the summer.

Buried treasure Brain Chase

Each week you will be given four tasks to complete:

  1. read online for 15 minutes each day
  2. earn 10,000 energy points on Khan Academy
  3. do one bonus challenge
  4. complete either writing or language assignments

The recent partnership with Rosetta Stone makes #4 above super exciting! If selected, the language module will replace the writing one and students can choose from 30+ languages to learn. Students will then be required to complete 2 lessons (a total of a little over an hour) each week in order to fulfill their language requirement and unlock the next episode. Rosetta Stone will be part of the all-inclusive pass to the best online curriculum providers that comes with yourBrain Chase registration! Amazing!

Brain Chase map to treasure

The Cost

Brain Chase will be offering their regular pricing package ($199 for the first registration, and then $100 for each sibling), along with a premium pricing package. The premium package will include Brain Chase registration plus a Brain Chase-branded adventure backpack, a Brain Chase t-shirt and Sunstone of Cortés patch ($249 for the first registration, and then $149 for each sibling). Later in the summer, these items will be available for a la carte purchase. Details will be available on the website soon.

Teacher referral program

Teacher Referral Reward Program

Are you a teacher? Know one? Pass this information along:

Brain Chase is offering $15 to teachers for each of their students they refer to Brain Chase. Registrants who hear about Brain Chase from a teacher can simply enter that teacher’s name and school name at registration. Kids fight summer brain drain to win a treasure… and teachers win too!

They even have informational flyers to print and share with your students.

Sunstone of Cortés

Sunstone of Cortés Trophy

Last but not least, the coveted Sunstone of Cortés Trophy has been completed. It is about 12 inches in diameter and has mechanically rotating components that open to reveal the center compartment, where the key to retrieve the $10,000 prize will be hidden. Take a look at how it was made… and get ready to set out on your adventure to win it!

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