Succeed at School Without Sweating the Little Things

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper for Sam’s Club, but all opinions are my own.

Our oldest daughter is entering her last year of college. After taking a full summer load of classes, she is set to graduate with her Bachelors Degree next May! Of course, she then plans to continue on to get her Masters, but at least she will have most of her college years behind her.

Succeed at School Without Sweating the Little Things

Succeed at School

Considering she’s been in college for a while now, we’ve been able to learn a thing or two about college life. No, she doesn’t live in a dorm. She and her husband have a nice home off campus that helps separate their school life from their every day life. But, just because she doesn’t live in a dorm, it hasn’t really taken away from the “college experience”… other than having their own place to escape to. In fact, they often end up hosting study groups at their house due to the size of the space and the fact that it’s get them away from the school for a while.

don't sweat small stuff studying

Because Colby and I want to make sure she and her husband both succeed at school without sweating over the little things, we try to help in small ways. For example, since we’ve been shopping for her since birth, it hasn’t been a big deal for us to pick up a few extra things here and there while out; especially when shopping at Sam’s Club. With our large family, it just makes sense to buy necessities, such as AXE, Caress® and Degree®, in bulk. The club-size packs are perfect for sharing across all of the kids and saving us both time and money. We can stock up and not have to worry about buying more deodorant or body wash, for instance, for several months. Not to mention, we can stay stocked up all school year long by using Sam’s Club’s subscription program. I like anything that makes my life simpler!

Caress Daily Silk

As for the kids, our oldest and her husband can head back to class this fall with one less thing to worry about. Whether they’ve just spent 4 hours in a cubicle at the school library or ran across campus to make their next class, they can feel fresh knowing they can reach in their backpack for deodorant. A refreshed sense of being can then help build the confidence they need to succeed. And with long-lasting 48 hour sweat and odor protection from Degree, they can get a lot more schoolwork done to inch them closer to graduation.

Axe Body Wash

Are you ready to get your kids fresh for success?

At Sam’s Club you can even beat the lines with their Scan & Go app. In 3-easy steps, you could be done and out the door! Simply scans items as you shop, pay directly from the app, and show your e-receipt on the way out. No lines. One more way to simplify the way you shop for necessities at Sam’s Club.

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Oh, and SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS! You can use your purchase receipt for the chance to win 1 of 3 touchscreen laptops. Plus, if you submit your receipt by July 23, you will also receive a $5 Coffee Gift card. In order to be eligible to win, you simply need to buy two participating AXE, Caress or Degree Club Packs. Upload your Scan and Go app, Club Pick-Up, online purchase or in-store receipt here. See official rules. Good luck!