woman sitting in closet trying to decide on a pair of shoes

For first dates, the impression you leave on the other party is the most important part of it and styling plays a pivotal role. Ultimately, your clothes are the only thing that you can use to bring forth a good impression.

It is no wonder why everyone pulls their hair out when thinking about what to wear for a date.

In addition, there are so many self-constructed guidelines about what to wear on a first date such that you may be inclined to believe everything. Hence, for the lost and confused, do not fret!

This article will be diving into a couple of tested and proven Dos, and Do-nots curated by a group of relationship and dating experts, guaranteed to make any woman less anxious and worried about looking bad on their first date.

Terrible Style Mistakes For Your First Date

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DO NOT: Choose something out of your laundry basket

If it isn’t evident enough, the first thing you cannot do is wear something that has been worn once or twice in the past week. That means, don your best pair of clean jeans and avoid wearing clothes that have been stretched from the wear and tear.

There should also not be any weird, unidentifiable stains on it to ensure that you do not embarrass yourself.

A tip: your confidence will be boosted accordingly if your clothes fit you well. Being in a well-dressed state, no matter the clothes, leaves an impression that there was thought behind your choice of style. 

DO: Breathe, don’t panic!

A first date outfit is honestly not worth the panic attacks and self-induced stress. In fact, people are quick to neglect the fact that how you dress for the subsequent few dates will bring you more serious problems.

No matter what you wear on your first date, how you style yourself in the next few dates can let the other party glimpse your feelings towards them.

A good example is if you observe someone dressing more casually and less formally on the next few dates, there is a high chance that the person has become more at ease and is willing to be more personal with you. 

DO NOT: Be overly-ambitious with styling

A rule of thumb to follow when it comes to fashion for first dates is that less is more. Instead of ditching your favorite statement outfit, you can try to neutralize it with simplistic accessories, or go for a two-tonal classic black and white look.

One example is pairing a black skirt with a fancy white blouse. If you want to up the ante, you may even go for a silk textured blouse.

Accessorize and put on a cute lip tint to complement your outfit. 

DO NOT: Bare it all

Although body confidence is extremely sexy and wearing a revealing outfit can make you feel the part, showing off too much skin on the very first date can come off as too abrupt to some. As mentioned earlier, less is more.

However, in the context of showing off your body, it is always advisable to show off only one part. You wouldn’t want to reveal everything from the get-go, would you?

Showing off too much can bring forth the wrong impression and image. Hence, to avoid the unwanted interpretation, tease them with a glimpse of your best asset. 


DO: Dress for the correct type of date!

One common mistake is showing up in your best Little Black Dress for a move-like date, or even worse, a sports-date. To avoid making such blunders, confirm what kind of date it is you will be heading to before deciding on the outfit.

LBDs do not make the cut for a hiking date. It has also been said that guys like their girls who can be comfortable and adaptable enough to dress for any occasion!

DO NOT: Look cold and unapproachable

If you feel and look like you are not having a good time, there are high chances that your date will feel equally as unwelcome and uneasy while being around you. It is therefore important to wear an outfit that is not too constrictive or uncomfortable on you.

Instead of looking too powerful and a class above others, tone down the unfriendly vibes by wrapping yourself in a sweet cardigan or a shawl.

Guys are also said to be more attracted to females who can pull off both sexy and elegant in their demeanor and outfits. 

DO NOT: Put your hair up and apply too much makeup

Having your hair up in a high bun can either make you look too professional for your date and or too constricted. Remember that you are not here for work, and your long, wavy hair should be let down for the maximum potential of a second date happening.

Similarly to hair, you would not want to apply too much makeup such that the specks of glitter on your eyeshadow is the only thing your date is paying attention to when you are talking.

Having a balance of being desirable but not overly, is most advisable.

DO NOT: Adjust yourself at the table

As much as we know how wardrobes malfunctions can occur in the middle of your very important first date, it is not advisable to deal with it in front of your partner.

Instead, you should excuse yourself to do it in the toilet and remember not to panic. However, if it is a drastic situation that may cause further humiliation, it is better to come clean with them.

DO NOT: Wear something too tight

If you are already feeling uncomfortable about your first date, chances are that the feeling will be doubled when you are in an extremely tight outfit that will cause you to be self-conscious.

You should never show up in something that has you sucking in the whole dinner, as that will make you feel extremely uneasy, which in turn will affect your date’s impression of you. 

DO: Remember that you might run into someone associated with your date

Although there is a very low probability of you meeting and having to spend time with your date’s acquaintances or colleagues, it is always a good reminder that the world we live in is pretty small.

No matter what circumstances, it is always good to be prepared for the risk of bumping into people you or your date knows. 


Now that we have been exposed to the many useful tips and advice for your first date, remember the do-s and don’ts and comfortably dress your best for a successful first date!