Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Splenda

Have you begun spring cleaning? Our kids are actually the best motivators in this area. Our middle two daughters love the idea of cleaning out the old to make room for the new. I am sure they get this from their daddy. I have no complaints. This week, as they began to sort through the pantry, we discovered we had all we needed to make Strawberry Banana Smoothies. Awesome, right?!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Splenda

Strawberry Banana Smoothies

All that cleaning and organizing meant we needed plenty of energy to get through the project. Fortunately, we had a full bag of frozen strawberries as well as some ripe bananas — perfect for making smoothies! Taking time to sip on smoothies was an incredible way to break up the mundane of spring cleaning in the kitchen. The girls and I enjoyed the sweet, creamy taste of the strawberries and bananas before we returned to putting things back in order in the pantry. The smoothies actually gave us the burst of energy we each needed to finish the task at hand.

pantry organization tips

Not to mention, the pantry was left looking amazingly organized and clean using these kitchen spring cleaning tips:

  1. Organize based on use. Basically, we thought about the items that we use most often and made them readily available. Additionally, the foods that the kids can serve themselves, such as cereal or snacks needed to be lower to be within their reach. Be cognitive of how the foods are used and plan accordingly.
  2. Keep similar foods together. This could just be our obsessive tendencies taking over, but having “like” foods together makes things run smoother. Just like in a grocery store, canned goods in one area, boxed in another, and sauces all together.
  3. Use airtight containers. Not only do these containers keep your food dry and fresh, but they also help create a more organized, uniform look in the pantry. Things are easier to find and it simply looks neater.
  4. Label foods. Going along with the container idea, labels are a perfect way to keep track with what’s inside. And, in order to know more about the freshness of the food, add a date to items as well.

Having an organized pantry has made a huge difference in our kitchen already. We definitely should have done this several seasons ago!


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