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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the makers of ibi, who also sent me the product for review.

On Christmas Eve our family grew by one. We welcomed our first grandchild into our family when our oldest daughter, Cheyenne, and her husband had their first baby.

ibi the smart photo manager

Store, Organize and Share Your Photos

Joyous barely begins to explain how exciting that day was for us. All 8 of us sat at the hospital over the course of 36 hours while Cheyenne labored. While her husband and I never left, the others did go home to sleep.

Needless to say, when our baby girl, Riley, finally made her entrance just past midnight on Christmas Eve, there was plenty of celebrating going on. And the photos?!

Baby Riley Mae

Now, almost 12 weeks later, you can imagine the number of photos we all have of her collaboratively. Chey went back to work about three weeks ago, so we have the honor of watching the baby every day.

Our day begins and ends with photos. Once she’s back with mom and dad, there’s more photos. I don’t think any of us want to miss a thing. Our family text thread is filled with pictures of Riley.

As you can imagine, that has begun to take up a bit of space on our phones. (Oops) Yet we still want to keep sharing. There’s always social media, but some things are just meant for family.

ibi inner circle

This is where ibi, the smart photo manager, steps in. With ibi, we can privately share individual photos or entire albums – just between us.

Setup is quick and easy. After plugging in ibi, simply download the app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play and ibi will do the rest.

Next, we invited each member of the family so that we could easily sync all of our favorite photos and videos from each of our devices, cloud and social media accounts – and store them all in one place.

Now, as Riley begins to grow, we can continue to capture special moments such as her first words or first steps, and share them with our family first! Then, based on what Cheyenne wants to share first (or at all) the rest of us can take our next moves.

After all, it’s her baby so it’s only right that she gets to make those choices. The rest of us are simply excited to be part of the journey.

meetibi mobile app

Plus, ibi keeps all of our media organized and easy to find so that when it is time to share, we can do so easily. Of course, being grandma, I think every photo needs to be shared!

Fortunately, ibi helps us share those special moments privately with those who matter most to us – our innermost circle – family.

Learn more about ibi and how it helps to safely share images with you inner circle by visiting

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