Stop the Achoos with Allegra
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Are your allergies out of control this season? I know my poor husband, Colby, cannot stop sneezing most mornings. He wakes up congested and sneezes over and over again. I just want to help him stop the achoos.

Stop the Achoos with Allegra

Stop the Achoos

Yes, we have children. Our toddler does not call them sneezes… they are achoos. And every time someone sneezes, she has to A-A-A-A-chooooo with them. In fact, she walks around fake sneezing quite often. She finds humor in it. Unfortunately, when Colby starts it means more than just sneezing. The pollen has been so bad the past week that he has even been having to take breathing treatments at night. His asthma makes his chest tight and I can hear the wheezing beginning.

All 4 of our girls have asthma just like their daddy, so we have always had a nebulizer in the house. When one of them comes “into their season” it gets plenty of use. For Colby, spring is often worse. For our toddler, the fall is her season for real achoos and watery eyes. The other girls also fall into one of those two seasons, with at least one of them sneezing during each season. So what do we do?

Preparing with Allegra

Preparing with Allegra

We have begun this season by preparing with Allegra. Both Allegra and CVS Pharmacy have teamed up to put together an interactive, educational website for allergy sufferers. Whether looking for information on adult or children’s allergy solutions, has the details you need.

The Allegra Microsite includes allergy tips, product news, and even an interactive Beauty App. Learn how applying make-up to your eyes or face only mask the symptoms but do not fix the problem. Or get updated pollen levels in your area sent via text message to your mobile phone. Know what is causing your “achoos” at the moment.

pollen levels

Plus, I was able to find great tips to help my children by decreasing the amount of allergens in our home. Tips that include keeping clutter to a minimum, washing bedding in hot water every 7 to 14 days, and to use plastic covers on both pillows and mattresses to help repel dust.  Not to mention, I was able to gather detailed information about Children’s Allegra Allergy. Perfect for when the girls’ allergies kick in!

Children's Allegra Allergy

And there was definitely not a lack of information about adult allergies. There were similar tips about reducing allergens, as well as a chart to help distinguish between cold and allergy symptoms. There are times when Colby’s allergies are so bad I wonder if they have not advanced into something else. That is when we head to CVS Pharmacy and pick up Allegra Allergy to help get him on the path to no more sneezing.

One of my favorite features? The coupons. Paired with the current sale at CVS, you can really get a great deal on Allegra Allergy. Just look at this: The exclusive sale price at CVS is $6 off Allegra 45ct and $9.99 for Allegra Children’s tablets or liquid. Sale prices are valid through 5/31, if you have a CVS Extra Care card. You can download a coupon for $4 off 30ct and larger ($23.99 before coupon) and $2 off children’s and the smaller sizes.

Allegra Coupons

What are your worst allergy symptoms?

Have you tried Allegra?


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