Emergency Assistance with Hum by Verizon

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Staying connected while at home is easier than ever in today’s modern world. From learning thermostats to smart appliances, there are plenty of ways to use technology to control our home. But, how do you stay connected on the road? Hum by Verizon is an aftermarket solution for consumers looking to modernize car connectivity.

Stay Connected on the Road with Hum by Verizon

Stay Connected on the Road

Hum by Verizon is the technology that connects you to what is important: your car, your loved ones, and your lifestyle. With this smart system, you can easily set speed alerts, decode check engine lights, or summon roadside assistance with the push of a button. As a parent, this is an incredible asset with teen drivers in the household.

Emergency Assistance with Hum by Verizon

Consider the ways you can stay connected with Hum by Verizon:

Stay Safer

  • Emergency Assistance: Connect with a trained agent through your speaker to help get you back on the road. Hum by Verizon automatically sends help if it detects a crash or you can push a button to connect when you have an emergency on the road.
  • Pinpoint Roadside Assistance: Get 24/7 support with nationwide coverage and GPS-guided help to your vehicle location with just a push of a button. You can get help for dead batteries, lockouts, towing and more.
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance: Using real-time location, Hum by Verizon can help find youy car by sending its location to local law enforcement.
  • Safety Score: Using your phone to create a score based on your acceleration, speeding, braking, and cornering, you will receive a rating for safety behind the wheel. Plus, you will get tips to help improve your Safety Score. This is a great tool for young drivers as they learn to maneuver the roads better.

Stay Prepared

  • Maintenance Reminders: Stay ahead of the game by properly maintaining your vehicle. Schedule reminders for maintenance, such as an oil change, and Hum will text or email them when it’s time for a tune-up.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: When that pesky check engine light comes on, you can check Hum by Verizon first. It features easy-to-understand alerts for hundreds of car issues so you can address minor problems before they become major ones.
  • Mechanics Hotline: If the repairs are beyond your expertise, Hum by Verizon can connect you with an independent, certified professional for unbiased advice. Get estimated repair quotes and more through the hotline.
  • Local & Travel Discounts: Access discounts and coupons for local retailers, auto serve providers, restaurants and much more. Plus, you will find an online booking tool to help you save on air travel, hotels, cruises, rental cars and more.

Stay Connected

  • Navigation: Get turn-by-turn directions with real-time traffic updates and route options, getting you where you need to go every time.
  • Vehicle Location: Forget where you parked? Hum by Verizon can not only see your car’s current location, but where it’s been.
  • Boundary Alerts: Need to keep your teen close to home? Set custom boundaries for your car and receive alerts when your car crosses them.
  • Speed Alerts: Heavy-footed driver? Set a maximum speed and receive an alert if your car exceeds it.

Leasing your car and need to check your monthly mile driven? Hum by Verizon even makes that easy with its Driving History feature. You can track your car’s activity much like the same way you track your steps. Get details stats by day, week, month or year. Find out the average miles traveled, idle time, average miles per gallon, speed and more. See how your time in the car is being spent and how you could improve the drive. Not to mention, through the Hum Monthly Summary email, you will receive additional tips on how to get the most from your Hum by Verizon service.

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Which Hum by Verizon feature would you use most?

With young drivers, we found the Safety Score incredibly useful. Our son was repeatedly taking corners far too fast and learned to slow down upon seeing how he was driving. Additionally, we discovered that although he was an otherwise safe driver, he seemed to brake hard and often. Being cautious is great, but we don’t want him getting rear-ended because of it. Therefore, with the Hum by Verizon, we were able to sit and talk about our concerns over his driving habits—with tangible proof—and help him make adjustments.

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Hum by Verizon is valuable to anyone who has a car and is looking for a safer and more connected driving experience. It’s easy to install and works in most vehicles 1996 and newer. Plus, you don’t have to be a Verizon customer to use Hum by Verizon. Learn more by visiting hum.com

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