Our Family’s Stay at Home Activities Week 9 in Pictures

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Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”
— Walter Elliot


You know that time you were asked to stay at home to stay healthy and protect everyone around you from catching a potentially deadly virus, but you didn’t know how long it would last?

Yeah, that time?

We’re on week 9. Sure, our state has begun to reopen, but we have yet to meet the federal standards to do so.

Therefore, because we believe data and science over politics, we’ve still been staying home.

chocolate gravy

I can’t say it’s getting any easier on a couple of us, but the rest of us are simply doing what we can to enjoy each passing day.

This week kicked off with Mother’s Day. Now, I’m not a big fan of celebrating anything that revolves around me, but Mother’s Day in particular has been a no-go for me for years.

Mothers Day sno-cone

So, we celebrate in simple ways. I made my MawMaw’s Chocolate Gravy for breakfast and we ended the day with a cold treat at our favorite (outdoor) sno-cone stand.

toddler pretend playtime

Honestly though, the rest of the week was filled with an equal amount of nothing far-fetched.

social distance with friends

Jaden had a friend stop by to talk to her. They, again, sat a good social distance apart on the sidewalk in front of the house and talked for a bit.

backyard toddler toys

We continue to spend a considerable amount of time both inside and outside playing with Riley. Quite honestly, she has been such a great source of entertainment over the past few months.

backyard patio privacy

We even finished that backyard privacy project I mentioned last week! Now we can pull the curtains closed and have a bit of privacy while sitting in our backyard. It’s not too much, but more like just enough.

installing blinds in travel trailer

Plus, we were even able to make it over to our travel trailer to check on it and throw up some blinds while we were there.

It’s a slow process, but we’re doing it a little at a time.

Lexus LS 500h backseat ottoman

I do have to admit though, we made reasons to get out this week just to have Colby chauffeur us around in the 2020 Lexus LS 500h.

The backseat of this luxury sedan demanded that we get the most use of it we could while we had it!

when it rains it pours over your pool

The downside to this week though was the downpours.

We had so much rain that it made our above-ground pool begin to overflow! Colby looked out just in time to see it start to go over the side.

While he held it up, Chey began using a bicycle pump to air it up to help pick up the sides. I ran to grab the electric pump. And Jaci held umbrellas over their heads.

We may have looked like a hot mess out there, but we had some laughs and were able to stop the overflow before it got bad. Crisis averted.

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