filling up Intex above ground pool

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The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next.”
—Mignon McLaughlin

Week 7

Seven weeks in, we’re starting to see everyone start swaying one way or the other as far as complacency.

Yes, even within our own home.

While us introverts are mostly doing okay, the extrovert among us is starting to get a bit of cabin fever.

Aunt Jaden and Riley together in yard

And it’s quite alright. It’s understood.

Nothing about this experience has been normal. Some of us have just found adjusting easier than others.

Jaden, for example, is doing her best to balance her ability to stay connected to friends, find time alone when necessary, and spend time with the family as much as possible.

It’s a lot for anyone.

let's go fly a kite

For the most part, we’re making it work. Pulling out all the stops when and where we can.

And pulling out all the tricks when possible. For example, this large kite pictured above that we received at a wind festival years ago.

The girls loved flying it and Riley loved watching it fly.

safe in tornado closet

Of course, those high winds also brought ugly storms. Storms that then brought the potential for tornadoes.

Doing as we do here in Texas, the girls hunkered down in our tornado closet (closet under the stairs and upstairs bathroom), while Colby and I watched the radars.

We set up our weather radio, watch a variety of storm chasers via live feeds, and stay tuned to the weather outside our door.

It’s definitely a family affair. Well, except for Joeli, she watches videos while the rest of us watch the weather and text family.

swimming in new backyard pool

Perhaps the most exciting news this week was the completion of our new Intex Easy Set above-ground pool!

With no desire to swim in a community pool this summer, we figured this was our best option.

toddler swimming pool attire

The kids are loving it! And, the summer hasn’t really even started, so we’re sure we’ll get plenty of use out of it in the coming months as Texas really heats up.

Wyatt and I haven’t got in yet, but every one else seems to be enjoying it. There’s even been a little bit of nighttime swimming going on.

The kids are asking for color-changing lights now.

At this point, we’re going with a whatever it takes attitude.

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