sisters Easter 2020

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Sometimes you will think you can’t take it another day. But if you hang in there, one step at a time, you will be able to accomplish more than you ever imagine.”
—Taya Kyle


We’ve officially been sheltering in place for over a full month now. Doing our part to stay home and save lives.

It’s not been an easy task, but we feel like it’s an important one nonetheless.

making tie dye shirts

To kick things off this week, Jaden and Joeli decided to use a tie dye kit Joeli received for her birthday last year to get a little messy crafty.

We rolled out a large drop cloth (which still didn’t seem to be big big enough) and they made tie dye shirts to wear during our lock-down.

Easter Egg Hunt 2020

We also experienced our first real holiday, that would normally be celebrated with other family members, during the quarantine.

Fortunately, Riley is too young to remember this Easter later, and Joeli really only cared about getting candy. She won’t stress over it much in the years to come either.

More eggs for her!

DIY escape room

Later that evening, the rest of us tried something completely different!

We had often talked about going to an escape room, all together, but had not yet been able to do so.

Therefore, Colby and Jaci planned for days and put together an incredible at-home escape room.

We worked to escape the master suite in order to get through the laser lights up the stairs to save our team member locked in a jail cell.

Definitely some of the most fun we’ve had during our quarantine. We can’t wait to do this again. It just takes some careful planning.

Riley playing fetch with Cole

I’ve noticed a lot of chatter online about how dogs are handling this shelter at home situation. I can confirm that our dogs are living their best lives right now.

Considering Colby and I both work from home and we homeschool the girls, we didn’t leave them too often before.

But nowadays? There’s typically always at least one person home. That means they rarely have to be alone. They are played with, hand fed, and loved on constantly.

Texas Oklahoma Red River border

Speaking of leaving the house, Colby and I took another long drive this week. Joeli decided to come along and we just drove until we were ready to turn around.

In fact, we drove all the way to the Texas/Oklahoma border! We drove across the Red River, turned around and came back home.

Figured why not. We didn’t have much else to do.

Jaden's paint by number art

While we were gone, Jaden worked on a project of her own.

She found a company that allows you to upload a photo, that then transform into a personalized paint-by-number canvas.

They sent the canvas and all the paints and she did a beautiful job bringing the piece to life!

It’s my mom. Her MaMaw. Ugh! They all miss her so much.

just hanging around on the fence

That’s a whole other story by itself though.

We still find moments to just be silly too. Jaden (and Jaci later) decided to see if they could climb the fence.

So they did.

They enjoyed doing it and didn’t get hurt, so that was fine too.

26 years of cutting his hair at home

We all knew this was coming, right?!

Corona haircuts!

Fortunately, I’ve been cutting Colby’s hair for about 28 years. It was something we started doing early on just to save money.

Therefore, cutting his hair, along with my own and the kids, isn’t anything new to me.

at home quarantine haircuts

But, I’m slowly trying to teach Chey to cut Nic’s hair. She’s getting better!

new doctor after 20 years

Another thing I’ve done for over 20 years is see the same gynecologist. I’ve been with my doctor through three pregnancies, two miscarriages, one D&C, a LEEP surgery, tubal ligation, ovarian cysts, and, most recently, endometrial hyperplasia.

All this in addition to a small number of other issues over the past two decades.

But, this past December, he retired. I was so sad.

Therefore, I really had no choice but to find another doctor, but it’s all good. We’re on the path to finding out more about the hyperplasia, as well as my anemia that seems to have stemmed from it.

Jaden and her annual reminder cake

Back to fun news though! Jaden makes herself a special cake this time each year to celebrate her transition to “womanhood.”

This is her 3rd cake.

She also took a piece to leave on her PawPaw’s front porch (my dad) to share with him. We waited until after he ate it to FaceTime him and tell him why she made it.

He wasn’t as amused as we were! lol

chalk art on wooden fence

Back to more of our stay at home activities, I guess.

When the girls can talk Riley into it, they enjoy drawing with the sidewalk chalk too.

Their most recent favorite way to use it is to draw or play hangman on the fence.

I can’t say it’s their dad’s favorite, but we’re just trying to keep ourselves entertained. So it works!

helicopter medical transport in neighborhood

Something we didn’t plan for was a scary situation involving some of our neighbors.

Colby took Jaci and Joeli out for a bike ride, while Jaden and I were home. I heard sirens, but thought nothing of them.

It’s normal to hear them go down the main road near our home.

Jaden, from her upstairs bedroom window, watched as they turned into our neighborhood. She grabbed me and we ran out front.

I was in shear panic mode not knowing if it was Colby or the girls. I called and was relieved not only when he answered to confirm they were all safe, but when they rolled up in front of the house.

Unfortunately, we had three fire departments represented due to a small explosion in a nearby backyard. Two medical transport helicopters had to land in the park near our house and take a young neighbor and his dad to a local burn unit.

It was quite traumatic for our entire, close-knit, neighborhood.

pretend food date night at home

As you can tell, this week was full of a few ups and downs. Definitely full of more emotions than some of the other weeks have been.

Colby and I were lucky to end it on a good note though.

Jaci and Joeli, using play food, set up a little dinner and movie scenario for a pretend date night.

And it was perfect!

Here’s hoping next week is a bit less… eventful.

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