Our Family’s Stay at Home Activities Week 4 in Pictures

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I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy—I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”
—Art Williams

Week 4

4 weeks now. One month essentially.

I can’t say it’s been easy; but we’re flowing more into a new routine while continuing to stay safe at home to help save lives.

more driveway foursquare

We’re still spending most of our time outside. We like the fresh air and it gives us the opportunity to do more than simply watch TV and eat.

We’re trying to stay out of those traps.

bored in the house

Even when it lends itself to getting creative about being in the house bored.

This one likes experimenting with her various light colors in her bedroom. But, at least she’s being proactive about getting fresh air at the same time, I guess.

introducing toddler to frog

This littlest one discovered frogs this week and she is IN LOVE!

I was surprised she actually wanted to touch him. Plus, we have to look for frogs every day now.

They are currently her favorite — in addition to being her newest word to learn.

human chalkboard

Of course, the sidewalk chalk continues to be her favorite past time. She especially enjoys writing all over our legs, clothed or not.

We tend to wear a lot of black and they make for perfect chalkboards.

Yep, lots of laundry going on too.

finding new photo spots around town

We do find that going for rides through the countryside seems to help keep spirits lifted.

Jaden happened to see this colorful backdrop against a building when we drove by, so she and Jaci hopped out for a quick photo shoot.

more toddler pool time

Of course, most of our days are also spent trying to keep this one happy.

Plenty of time in her kiddie pool, sensory fun, drawing, pretend play. Keeping her happy seems to help keep the rest of us busy too; so it’s a win-win.

saying hello to the cows

With our middle middle being the absolute most extroverted in the house, keeping her sane can also be a full-time job as well.

Fortunately, again, these long drives seem to help. Bonus when she gets to drive and we see cows.

She loves animals and this herd always makes her happy. Perks of living in a more rural area of Texas.

everyone into the kiddie pool

Of course, these two deserve to have their own sort of fun too. If that means jumping in the kiddie pool to cool off, then so be it.

Fortunately, Riley doesn’t mind sharing with her aunts.

Aunt Jaden, Riley, Elsa and Anna

Even Aunt Jaden! She was the most elusive aunt before the quarantine.

She worked, was hanging out with friends, doing things at church, or simply spending time alone in her room.

If nothing else, this part of the shelter in place is going well. Family relationship building is always a priority for me.

playing with grandma on the trampoline

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying all of the quality family time. It’s helping keep my own anxiety in check.

siblings laying in the backyard

We’ve even found that is doesn’t have to take a lot of work on anyone’s part.

From laying on the ground in the backyard enjoying the weather…

family car ride to get out of the house

…to taking another car ride; just the seven of us.

It’s truly just about being together, helping one another get through this, and celebrating the moments we’re finding ourselves in.

Looking for the positive side of the entire situation.

had a dream that come true pregnancy announcement

Speaking of which…

We’re having another grandbaby!

We were finally able to announce the newest arrival (not a corona baby, for those doing the math) after telling our daughter’s in-laws over the phone.

We were told weeks ago (before quarantine) and they’ve been hoping to tell the in-laws in person, but that doesn’t seem possible anytime soon.

So, a FaceTime call with the family had to be good enough.

We can’t wait for October!

At the very least, it really gives us something to look forward to in the months ahead!

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