Our Family’s Stay at Home Activities Week 3 in Pictures

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The best way out is always through.”
—Robert Frost (1874-1963), American poet

Week 3

Three weeks of sheltering at home down. No telling how many more to come.

But, we’re still doing it. Staying home together. As a family.

family feud at home

Speaking of family, Jaden put together a game of Family Feud for us. At first, it was a bit of trial and error to learn how to play at home.

But then, it was a blast to play. We split up into teams of three, Jaden was the host, and Joeli helped watch Riley.

All in all, we’re going to be playing this again. (You can easily find the questions and answers online).

outdoor patio cookout

We’ve spent a LOT of time outside. Fortunately, the Texas Spring weather has been ideal for hanging out in the backyard.

Of course, Colby never needs a reason to bring out his grill, but he does often. Hamburgers and hot dogs are easiest for feeding all of us.

backyard smores party

The kids love s’mores and jump on any chance to make them.

But, again, we’re all for it. We always make sure we have the s’mores ingredients on hand, just in case.

kids and pups on trampoline

The Springfree Trampoline is still a family favorite. Whether jumping, drawing with chalk, or simply sitting and talking; we’re on it quite often.

JC making French bread

Guess what?! We have actually been putting the bread maker to work!

Jaci made this bread during her French class two years ago and wanted to try it in the bread maker.

Although the shape was a little different, it was just as delicious!

new couch who dis

While we spend much of our days outdoors, we do move inside on occasion.

This week we had friends reach out to ask if we wanted a couch they no longer had use for.

It seats five, has USB outlets, recliners all the way across, and features two massage chairs at either end.

Of course we said, “YES!”

The kids love it already! We had a movie night with pizza delivery while watching Disney Pixar’s Onward.

toddler playing in grandmas closet

This little one, growing ever so fast, is a constant source of entertainment. She’s really getting used to her aunts (and uncle) and loving all the attention.

Jaden decided she was bored, so she took Riley into my closet and did a fashion show with my clothes.

Whatever it takes at this point to keep everyone happy and sane.

Moving on to another week…

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