toddler and her favorite aunt

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Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.”
— William Barclay

Week 23

My bet is you wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that our days are still primarily spent keeping a certain little toddler busy.

I mean, honestly, she’s a handful of the best entertainment we could ask for.

Pretty sure I wouldn’t trade her for a thing.

She’s loving her new Montessori-inspired playroom, so that’s encouraging. Colby and I worked really hard on it.

teen bohemian bedroom

Additionally, after giving the girls a few dollars of redecorating budget for their rooms, Jaden took us up on it this week.

She wanted to transform her closet into a space for her twin bed. And she wanted in done in a Bohemian inspired theme.

Jaden made the valance herself, as well as several other pieces of her finished room.

It turned out pretty nice once we finished.

Cole's 4th birthday

Cole had a big day this week too! He turned four and we celebrated with a delicious dog cookie and his favorite Chihuahuas. (Chey’s dogs)

toddler holding her hands on belly

Speaking of Chey, they got settled into their new home this week.

Riley loves the big back porch and outdoor space. It backs up to a nice green area that leads to the lake.

toddler and grandpa playing with playdoh

Plus, she got some new Play-Doh this week that has become her favorite thing to do indoors.

Pretty sure she has some sensory needs similar to her Aunt Joeli. Having Joeli work with an OT when she was a toddler helped prepare us for this moment.

husband staring at me

And this guy?

He simply continues to be my rock. Working as much as he can to help us pay the bills through this pandemic.

I love him.

toddler helping sweep floors

And love how he helps me do the crazy things. We worked on getting our travel trailer cleaned up and ready to launch soon!

finishing travel trailer lights

We did some of the last finishing touches we’ve been holding onto.

Small projects we worked on at home that needed to make their way into the RV trailer.

toddler jumping to grandpa in pool

But don’t worry! We also made sure to get some play time in!

No sense working too hard that we forget about the element of fun that keeps us going.

toddler looking out rv window

She loved exploring the travel trailer each time they came to visit.

The bunkhouse is definitely her favorite. Can’t wait to take her on her first trip in the trailer.

Everything in due time!

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