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There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
— C.S. Lewis

Week 22

Oh, there’s a lot to unpack this week!

And I mean that in both the literal and physical sense.

Let’s talk about how our week 22 played out.

toddler playing fishing game

First, we finished one project?

The one I had Colby working on last week? Yeah, that one.

Well, one of them anyways.

Needless to say, our grand daughter loved her surprise!

packing the UHaul truck

And, considering we were packing the kids up last week, it was inevitable that we had to move them.

Again, bittersweet.

I absolutely loved them being a 2-minute drive away.

INK + IVY® Mill Valley bedding set

I may have subjected myself to some online retail therapy to try to make myself feel better.

I’ve never been in love with the bedding we bought a couple years ago, so I finally bought a comforter set I really like!

I just wanted to change something for the better rather than necessity. It helped some; so there’s that.

happy hour drink break

Moving the kids was challenging considering Colby had two trailer pick up and deliveries that day.

We worked our tails off in temperatures over 100°F weather, without him, and earned ourselves a large happy hour drink at Sonic.

toddler playroom after move (1)

After cooling off and finishing with unloading, I wanted to provide this little girl with as much as familiarity as possible.

The first thing we unpacked was her playroom and bedroom.

Everything was set up before we left them that first night.

me and my first granddaughter

She and I even found a fun place to escape in their new backyard.

new home office

Back at home, we had some things to do too.

Wyatt was moving back in with us rather than with Chey and Nic.

This meant he would take his old room back, Joeli would move into our office, and our home office would move into our (rarely used) front living room.

All this so we could keep the media room I told you weeks ago that everyone has come to love.

sunset memories at the lake

We did have to take a mental break during the early part of the week though.

To remember my mom.

It’s been three years.

We decided to take a sunset trip to the nearby lake in her honor.

My mom loved the sky: the moon, sunrise, sunset, stars, all of it.

Hopefully we honored her well that day.

building a loft bed

Not that we just move on from our grief, but we did have to get back to our projects.

One, they keep my mind busy.

Two, this particular one offered Joeli a place to sleep.

toddler fashionista

Of course, there’s always time to play with this sweet girl.

Her new favorite thing this week? This bowler hat she found in her aunt’s room.

5th wedding anniversary gift of wood

Oh, the best part of our week?

Chey and Nic celebrated their 5th Wedding Anniversary.

She asked me to help her make a gift for Nic, which I did, and she asked us to babysit.

niece and aunt playing shopkins

I am always up for a sleepover with our sweet girl!

She also loves Aunt Joeli’s new room! They have thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the newly re-discovered toys.

grand daughter sleepover

And I’ve enjoyed watching her laugh, run, play, and dance around the house.

I’m doing my best to realize that even our greatest storm can be overcome with a little bit of sunshine.

She is my sunshine.

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