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Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”
— Gautama Buddha


We’re halfway through our pregnancy! 20 weeks!

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I mean, if we had a set date for when this pandemic was ending. Wouldn’t that be great!

I’m the type of person that needs a deadline or completion date. I’m a planner and there’s no way to plan for this sort of event.

Yet, we continue to press on…

toddler ready to potty train

This one doesn’t know anything about a pandemic wrecking havoc on the country. But, she is considering learning to use a potty.

Getting familiar with the concept is the first step in potty training I suppose. She wanted to just carry her potty around with her.

Whatever it takes.

hot bath for depression

Me? August is coming. Depression is setting in.

I’ve been taking (almost) nightly bubble baths and reading a ton of books.

So many books.

Thank, God, for Kindle Unlimited.

monthly B12 injections

I’m on my second month of B12 injections. I can’t say they’re doing much to help just yet.

First, it’s only been the first month.

Second, I’m still having a lot of blood loss during my periods, so it seems to be counterintuitive. I have an appointment next week to discuss more options.

For reference, this all stems from my endometrial hyperplasia and ovarian cysts.

toddler and her sidewalk chalk

Fortunately, I have this silly kid to keep me going. She fills me with what I need to continue to push forward.

After all, I have to keep up with her; so she keeps me young.

swimming fully clothed

Apparently the girls have decided this week that jumping into the pool fully-clothed is their favorite new thing.

And, of course, the little one thought it seemed fabulous as well.

Leopard Gecko Ian coworker

Oh, Ian.

Do you remember Jaci’s Gecko Leopard, Ian?

He’s getting to know everyone and making his rounds. Jaci likes to drop him off for us to “babysit” when she cleans his habitat or has dance parties in her room.

Fun fact: Gecko Leopards don't like loud noises. 

Me either, Ian. Me either.

floating fully clothed in pool

See? Again. I don’t know.

They simply enjoy it for some reason.

She was able to stay afloat for quite a while before finally deciding to get in.

toddler watching Dora the Explorer

Speaking of new things, she discovered Dora the Explorer this week.

She has her favorite movies and shows, so I wanted to see how she would respond to Dora.

She loved her!

toddler watching Bubble Guppies with grandpa

She also loved Bubble Guppies.

Considering she’s very much a creature of habit like some of the rest of us around here, I was surprised she liked these shows as much as she did.

I was mostly quite pleased we were able to listen to something new!

toddler learns from example

Finally, children learn what they see.

We’ve been touring a lot of houses over the past couple of weeks, all while wearing masks.

We also have face masks on a table in our front room available for people that tour our house.

She grabbed one and put it on herself, then proudly showed it off to the family.

She just wanted to be like everyone else.

OMG! I love her.

We’ll see how next week goes. August is incredibly hard for me.

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