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Cherish simple things such as family, friends and love, because great things appear simple from far away. Place your simple things in the best light; there’s enough sunshine for all of them.”
— Val Uchendu

Week 19

Before I get started with week 19, let me just say, I know.

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I know that you’re probably wondering why almost every picture includes our granddaughter.

my toddler coworker

To be honest, she doesn’t (always) fight me when I grab my phone to take a picture.

It’s literally that simple of an answer.

toddler holding sidewalk chalk

Do you have teenagers? Adult children? You might understand.

My older kids either (1) hide when I bring out the camera or (2) are simply not around me as often.

So. you get to see tons of photos of my sweet girl.

diy dog grooming

Of course, there’s also these two. They’re best friends, so where you find my husband, his dog is typically near by.

It makes playing hide-and-seek with him pretty easy. Find the dog, find Colby.

Speaking of these two, it was also way past time for another haircut.

bringing back the mullet

Colby groomed Cole; then I groomed Colby.

I began shaving the side of his head, then decided we’d prank the kids by giving Colby a mullet.

As expected, the kids (mostly) hated it.

But, he still has it a few days in. We’ll shave the rest later, but, for now, it’s fun seeing their faces when they look at him.

toddler eating frozen coconut treat

We also tried something new for Riley this week.

She loves ice cream, but gave up her Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich for Grandpa’s Outshine Coconut Frozen Fruit Bar.

And, like a girl after my own coconut-loving heart, she loved it!

St Joseph help sell my house

Remember good ol’ St. Joseph that is buried in our front yard?

Well, we had four showings this past week so Colby decided to take a more drastic approach to this Catholic tradition.

He unburied St. Joseph, took him out of the bag, showed him our house, and apologized to him for having to bury him.

He then spoke to him a bit and prayed once more to ask for our house to sell.

We’re continuing to pray this is the week we get an offer.


happy birthday nic and holly

Luckily, we do have something else to celebrate this week!

Both Nic and Holly (Chey’s dog) have birthdays.

A surprise birthday party for both of them on Friday was a fun way to wrap up our week.

dog birthday party

Apple pie for Nic, per his request, and homemade pumpkin cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and a dog treat embellishment for Holly.

Ian the leopard gecko meets a dog toy

Even Ian, Jaci’s Leopard Gecko, got in on the fun.

Riley decided Ian might want to play with Holly’s new dog toy, so she introduced them.

looking for planes with grandpa

Mostly though, our days are spent outside drawing with sidewalk chalk, jumping on the trampoline, swimming in our Intex pool, or watching for airplanes.

Simple things.

toddler with blanket at sunset in house

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to keep her happy, and as long as she’s good, we’re good.

How I wish life for everyone was as simple as that each day.

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