I love that you are my person and I am yours, that whatever door we come to, we will open it together.”
— a.r. asher

Week 17

Remember when I told you about asking Saint Joseph to help us sell our home? And I told you we bought two?

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burying Saint Joseph to sell house fast

We buried the second one by our daughter’s for sale sign as soon as it came. They had their first Open House that day with their new realtor. Our realtor. My friend.

Their Open House was successful. They had more showings in the days following it. And had an offer within the first 72 hours!

Want to try it for yourself? Here’s the Saint Joseph Statue Home Seller Kit we bought on Amazon.

Good luck! They close next month!

chalkboard farmhouse table top

Somewhere over the past 16 weeks, my handmade farmhouse table has become a chalkboard surface for Riley.

It’s fine. In fact, I’ve thought about painting it with chalkboard paint just to make things easier.

For now though, I can easily wipe it off and keep on going.

teen hair colors

As is the coolest pandemic trend, our girls have decided its past time to dye their hair.

Having dark hair has it’s disadvantages here though. Their first attempt did not go well.

We had to order a second round of a different hair dye and try again with a bit better results.

dying dad's beard

Plus, they decided Colby needed to dye his beard/goat tee.

Fortunately, his red/green colorblindness prevents him from even seeing what color they went with, so he doesn’t care at all.

toddler walking the neighborhood

Guess who still runs the house? The neighborhood sometimes?

Yep. She loves her evening walks and typically rides in her wagon or on her trike, but this evening we were trying to keep her awake a little longer.

So, we took a slow stroll around a small part of the neighborhood and she wanted to stop and see everything.

I love the curious stage!

adding googly eyes to a cone

And then there’s more of this stage. The teen years.

This one found this cone a few weeks back and decided she wanted to decorate it. She always has to stay creatively busy.

Googly eyes seemed like the perfect way to embellish the cone, I guess.

more fun in the sandbox with grandpa

Good thing Colby and I love being outside! She always wants to be in the backyard doing something.

We love being able to appease her.

It’s actually a task that keeps us happy; even on the hard days.

Colby in Pedernales River

This week, we hit some of the hardest days we’ve had since the pandemic hit.

Due to a break down of communication, and overwhelmed emotions, this week was a complete mental health disaster waiting to happen.

Pedernales River Texas

It wasn’t Colby and I that disagreed; we stood together against our kids. And it was hard.

Colby and I took a quick one-night getaway to just breathe for a minute. There are so many details in the moment, but I’ll leave it here for now.

Airbnb cottage in Liberty Hill Texas

We rented a super cute one-bedroom cottage on Airbnb that was secluded, yet near great places to eat.

Airbnb cottage in Liberty Hill Texas

We spent the entire time at the Airbnb cottage, eating, reading, talking, laughing and crying.

It was absolutely perfect for what we were looking for. Besides, we already had an appointment with our realtor to look at a house in the area, so it all worked out well.

back in the pool with grandpa

Coming home didn’t mean everything was back to normal, but we dove right back in where we could with Riley.

She’s the easiest one to please.

There’s still work to do… but we’ll figure it out.

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