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My family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to me.”
— Michael Imperioli

Week 14

14 weeks at home. It’s safe to say we’re all pretty much over it.

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In Texas, it’s about failed leadership and irresponsible choices statewide.

We re-opened far too early, having never met the federal guidelines to do so, and we’re starting to surge again.

It’s a mess, Y’all.

pretty pretty princess game

But, through every bit of it, I’m grateful for us.

Every single one of my kids. My granddaughter. My husband.

The nine of us have pushed through some things over the past 14 weeks.

sisters play fight

It’s not always easy, but we’re doing it.

We’ve laughed. We’ve cried.

We’ve even shouted.

But, it’s all part of being a family.

wagon ride with grandpa

I’ve always taught my kids that even though I may be angry with them, I will always love them.

I may not like them right that moment, but I will ALWAYS love them.

I don’t believe love should ever be conditional.

cleaning and sorting to downsize

This week we began the process of de-cluttering so we can start the next chapter of our family’s story.

There are several moving parts involved in this one to start discussing here, but, it’s coming.

I’ll share more in the weeks ahead as each part of the story begins to play out.

soaring above the pool

In the meantime, we’ll keep enjoying time in our pool, in our house, in our little piece of the world.

Watching this adorably cute, giant part of our hearts grow up.

her favorite word - more

And keep demanding “MORE.”

Stay tuned for what happens next…

Stay at Home - our family activities while sheltering in place
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