Our Family’s Stay at Home Activities Week 12 in Pictures

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”
— Martin Luther King Jr

Week 12

At this point, it’s doing whatever we can to not lose hope.

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Hope that one day this virus will disappear.

Hope that one day people will do as they should so it can disappear.

Hope that one day we can reunite, as a country, to have enough compassion that we all matter.

big sister training part 1

In the meantime, we keep pushing on.

We’re preparing this one to be a big sister in a few months. Doing our best to teach her to love with compassion and gentleness.

discovering earthworms

Showing her how even the smallest of God’s creatures have worth. A frog, snake, and even earthworms matter.

replacing outdoor shower on travel trailer

We find moments of solace in mundane tasks such as changing the outdoor shower on our travel trailer.

ma and Riley watching TV

We watch her favorite movies. paint her little toe nails, and find comfort in our days spent together.

KOA camping in Austin

We’re even making plans for our future. A future that pushes beyond this virus and the hate currently being spread across our country.

travel trailer UNO

We know there’s something better coming, so we’re making sure we stay on the right side of history in how we react.

This week was a tough one, Y’all. Mentally and physically.

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