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Shelter in Place. Stay at Home Order. These are both terms many of us had never heard before and, most assuredly, never imagined being directed to do.

This is vocabulary from another time. Another era. Not something we are used to and, it appears, not a term many care to follow.

Stay at Home Activities

But, all that aside, our family has been hunkered down, sheltered in place, since Friday the 13th. That was our last official outing day.

We took one last grocery run to stock up on food for all nine of us.

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We went to dinner at our favorite local restaurant. A small business pizza and pasta, family-owned restaurant that we’ve been customers of for over 20 years.

Then it was home, to stay, for an unknown amount of time.

We decided we would make the best of it and enjoy the time we had to spend together.

Jaden meal prep 3_14

Jaden, who, again, we’ve always called our Cruise Director, began meal prepping. She made a menu for the week, watched YouTube videos on how to cut vegetables, and started making several slow cooker recipes.

1st online church service at home 3_15

Fortunately, our church closed very early on in the process. Because we already had online services each week for those who could not make it to the building, this transition was easier for our church than it was for some others.

And, although it’s a great way to stay connected during this shelter in place time, I do prefer being able to worship with others.

murder mystery dinner 3_16

We also decided to try to do at least one different family activity each week. Something beyond our normal activities.

This week, to kick things off, I put together a Murder Mystery Dinner based on pieces of information I found online.

As you can see, the kids enjoyed their role playing and the plot twist at the end was quite entertaining!

We may have to try another one of these because this one went over well.

driveway foursquare 3_17

Fortunately, the spring weather in Texas lets us get outside a few days a week. This allows us to get some fresh air, look at something besides the walls of our home, and enjoy some exercise.

Four Square is a family favorite and doesn’t take anything more than a bouncy ball and some space.

color by number 3_17

As for me personally, my anxiety is pretty much near an all-time high. Therefore, just one of the projects I do to control it is color.

Yep. Jaci got me this great color-by-number book for Christmas and I’m just making my way through it coloring.

It helps to keep me both focused and grounded on anything but what’s happening in the world.

Lake Ray Roberts 3_18

One of our side hustles is running a small RV rental management business. This week, we had two trailers out at a local state park.

I didn’t ride along for the first pick up, but, by the time the second one needed to be picked up, it was definitely time for me to get out of the house for a minute.

So, I rode along and enjoyed the lake views and light breeze while Colby hitched the trailer up to go back to storage for a while.

trampoline fun 3_18

Our granddaughter has always enjoyed the “bounce bounce,” as she calls it, but, at this point, the Springfree trampoline has been incredibly helpful to have with her.

She likes to sit, lay, bounce, and run around it. She doesn’t care what we do it on it, as long as we’re on it.

So, that’s what we do. Climb in, sit down, and let her run. It’s like a giant family play-yard.

upstairs ball drop 3_20

Otherwise, you find us inside doing things like this. Adapting normal outdoor games into crazy ones that include dropping things from upstairs into targets below.

Cheys half birthday 3_21

We even decided that since it was technically Chey’s half-birthday we wold celebrate it. Because—why not?!

We made a cake. Found things around the house to throw into a DIY decorated bag. And I made her a birthday card using the Cricut.

sibling question night 3_21

Afterwards, we played games and simply hung out laughing and giggling at everything.

Just because we’re being asked to Stay at Home to save lives, it doesn’t mean we have to stop living.

It’s simply time to pivot and find new ways to enjoy and celebrate your home and the people who live within its walls.

Here’s to next week—whatever that may hold.

Stay at Home - our family activities while sheltering in place
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