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Jaden began her Invisalign Teen® treatment three months ago now. Over the past few months, she has learned how to best handle her trays, as well as the side effects of wearing them. Her teeth are already looking fabulous and she is excited about seeing the “finished” smile. But first, she has to get through the Invisalign treatments.


Starting Invisalign Treatment

As her parent, it’s been great watching her confidence grow as her smile begins to straighten. With 4 twisted teeth to correct, you can imagine that there is some movement going on in her mouth and the differences are becoming more apparent from the outside. Honestly though, Jaden’s experience is obviously most important. Having the “traditional braces” way back in the day, Colby and I both know a little about the way things are going. But, with Invisalign Teen, the treatments are totally new to us so we simply asked her to explain what it’s like starting Invisalign treatments.


How do Invisalign Aligners feel?

When you first put on each set of new trays, they can feel very tight. Yet, it doesn’t necessarily hurt, but they are sore in a dull-achy way. It can also sometimes be challenging to eat with the introduction of new trays, but just eat soft foods for a day or two until you adjust. Each new Invisalign aligner tray means new placement for your teeth, so you can expect a little discomfort.


How do you handle the discomfort?

As I mentioned, there is not a lot of pain, just a bit of soreness that can cause discomfort. I typically use Advil (under my parents supervision, of course) to help ease the unpleasantness enough to eat and sleep. Plus, another thing I have found to help is an ice pack on the outside of my mouth to numb the area. Finally, essential oils have been helpful at alleviating some of the pain as well.


How do you remember to change trays?

Remembering when to change your Invisalign trays is very important to a successful treatment plan. That’s why I always make sure to set an alarm on my phone for every 2 weeks. Not to mention, another tip I have found to be helpful is to change your trays at night. This helps to not have so much pain during the day and, with Ibuprofen, I can get some sleep!

Straight Talk Invisalign Teen

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