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Staples Ok. You need office supplies for your small business. Your home office. Wherever you work may be. You begin to make a list and decide to head to Staples. But, did you know that Staples can actually offer you first aid supplies, snacks, and much more than office supplies. Even coffee makers. And not just any coffee maker. Staples even has a few Keurig® brand brewers to choose from. Why? Because coffee is the juice that runs most offices, right? I know it keeps us going here in our home office.

With me on one side of the desk and my husband on the other, there is always coffee on the desk. It runs through our veins to keep our fingers typing away and our minds focused on the task at hand. Honestly! We hardly talk at all while we’re working. I have my cup of coffee and he has his. I type on my computer while he works on his laptop. We work and then take coffee breaks every once in a while. And in the late night hours we even stop for a coffee and snack. I guess you could say coffee runs our blogs.


Keurig OfficePRO

With that much coffee running our home office, you can imagine how many times that means getting up to make another cup. Staples came to the rescue with a Keurig® OfficePRO® Single-Cup Commercial Coffee Brewer. After all, we are professional bloggers. Our office demands a professional coffee brewer. And this is just the machine to do it.

With three cup sizes (6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz), we can easily brew just the right cup of coffee based on our needs. I typically drink 6 oz in the morning but require 10 oz in the evening. My husband is the opposite. Different needs met with one machine. And if we are on-the-go, it can easily accommodate our travel mugs. Bonus!


Plus, since the Keurig OfficePRO is a commercial grade brewer, it can brew about 10 times that of a typical home brewer. With the 48 oz water reservoir, we know that there will be enough water to last us through each work session. And with the 2 hour shut-off we do not have to worry about what may happen if we forget to turn it off at the end of the workday.

We can feed our caffeine addiction all day and into the night with this one brewer. Not to mention, our teens can grab a cup as they run out the door to their college classes… and we still have water left for us. Our Keurig has been the perfect new addition to our little blogger business.

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How has Staples made your office more productive? What supplies were you surprised to find at Staples?

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