Standing Out as the Baby Sister
Disclosure: We are thrilled to work with The Patchery as an ambassador to share these fabulous design-your-own kids’ fashion designs. All experiences and thoughts are my own.

When you’re the youngest of five children, you can believe there are some pros and cons. The biggest pro perhaps being that you’re quite possibly the most “spoiled by love.” After all, you’re the last baby and everyone has a hand in raising you. At least that’s how it is for our youngest, Joeli.

Standing Out as the Baby Sister with The Patchery

Baby Sister

For Joeli though, it’s not only the fact that she is the baby of the family by at least four years, but she also has some developmental delays and special needs. This, of course, means that she has always required a bit of extra attention. Whether it was her speech therapy, occupational therapy, or simply helping her negotiate an everyday task, the entire family has always willing pitched in. Joeli does not lack in the area of having her needs met.

Standing Out as the Baby Sister

Although not truly a “con” and it can happen to any child in the birth order, Joeli often has a hard time finding her true identity. As the youngest, you often live in the shadows of your older siblings. Even as the oldest in my family, I know this. I watched it with my youngest sister. Even with our older four it happens. Not intentionally, but it does. Wyatt has always been in Chey’s shadow and Jaci in Jaden’s. For Joeli, she is simply trying to stand out among her siblings.

sisterly love The Patchery

The Patchery allows Joeli to put her own stamp on the family birth order. We give her complete liberty to create and design her own clothes using The Patchery’s super easy-to-use website. She picks out a clothing style, decides on each piece of fabric used in creating her design, and then proudly shows off her new article of clothing to her siblings! It gives her a sense of pride, renewed confidence, and feeling of self to know she did it… all by herself!

sisterly love The Patchery

What a wonderful thing The Patchery can do for a child! I know it helped make a difference for Joeli.

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