Sound-Minded Reasons to Never Drive in Chicago

Whether you’re a Chicago resident or just planning a visit, you might be tempted to take your car with you on a trip to the center of the city.

However, there are quite a few reasons to avoid this altogether and stick to other options for transport to and around town.

But if the idea of never driving in Chicago sounds extreme, stick around and we’ll go over why this is a bad idea.

fast-moving traffic of Chicago city streets

Avoid Congestion: The Windy City’s Traffic Woes

With its notorious gridlock traffic and congested roads, getting around the city by car can be a nightmare.

Not only will you waste precious time stuck in traffic jams, but you’ll also risk missing important appointments due to delays caused by construction zones on local roads.

And if that weren’t enough, parking prices are some of the highest in the country, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll find an affordable spot.

Don’t Take the Risk: Chicago is a High-Crime Area for Carjacking

Driving in Chicago can be dangerous, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the city’s high-crime areas.

In fact, carjackings are so common that many locals avoid driving altogether, especially during night time hours when crime rates tend to spike. Things are getting worse, not better, with thefts tripling according to recent data.

It pays to know where you’ll be going, which neighborhoods should best be avoided at all costs, and which are safe.

If your destination requires traveling through danger zones or questionable parts of town, it might just make more sense to take public transportation or ride share instead.

Follow the Signs: Confusing Layouts and One-Way Streets Make Driving Stressful

Navigating Chicago’s streets can be a daunting task, even for locals. The city is known for its confusing street layouts and one-way roads, which can easily lead to frustratingly wrong turns or missed turns altogether.

To make matters worse, there are also plenty of dead ends with no obvious escape routes. And if you’re not paying close attention, it’s easy to get turned around in the loop.

So unless you want your trip turning into an exhausting game of trial and error behind the wheel, you should hire a driver who knows where they’re going.

For instance, finding event transportation services in Chicago is a way to get around efficiently and in style, no matter what you’re in town for.

Think Long Term: Environmental Effects of Excessive Vehicular Emissions in Chicago

Driving can have a damaging impact on the environment, particularly when it comes to air pollution. Unsurprisingly, this is especially true for cities like Chicago, where emissions from cars and other vehicles are among the highest contributors to smog levels.

Not only does this hurt public health by increasing rates of asthma and lung disease, but it also contributes to global warming, with its effects becoming more pronounced over time.

That’s why many conscientious citizens make an effort not to drive as much as possible when visiting or living in The Windy City! By doing your part now, you’ll help ensure a healthier tomorrow for everyone.

Be Free: The Flexibility of Going Carless

The final reason to steer clear of driving in Chicago is that without a vehicle in tow, you’ll have the freedom to do more with your day, without dedicating precious minutes to all-things automotive.

From never having to spend time looking for a parking spot, to not being worried about where you’ve left your car and whether it’s safe while you’re doing other things, this flexibility is something you’ll only experience if you stick to your guns and travel in different ways. So give it a try today!