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Do your children enjoy special treats every once in a while? What if they could have a delicious treat every day… not just on those special occasions? That is what serving Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush and Mott’s Wild Grape Surge fruit drinks are like. A delectable refreshment for the taste buds that does not need to be reserved as a reward.

solution to hydration

Everyday Solution to Hydration

Made with 100% real fruit juices and containing no artificial sweeteners, Mott’s juice drinks are the perfect everyday solution to hydration for kids. With just one 8 ounce glass, they instantly have one full serving of fruit* down for the day. Not to mention, it is great tasting and kids love the new, bold fruit flavors!

*Provides 1 fruit serving per 8 fl oz. Current USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend a daily intake of 2 cups of fruit for a 2,000 calorie diet. 1 serving of 100% juice = ½ cup.

Motts grape juice drinks

Being able to offer my girls a sweet refreshment without the sugars available in other options means a lot. I can help them to continue to make their own healthy choices and provide them the resources they need to do so. Leaving the Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush and Mott’s Wild Grape Surge in the forefront of the refrigerator makes the choice simple. They can easily grab a bottle and go. Perfect for days when they do not want to stop for a break from playing.

Motts juice drinks

Plus, having a few different flavors to choose from gives the girls the ability to pick their own and then share. Whereas our 8 year old prefers Fruit Punch Rush, her older sister prefers the Wild Grape Surge. But, that does not mean that they do not grab the other flavor whenever they get the chance though. Sibling rivalry is always abound. But it is hard to choose a favorite when they are all delicious!

Motts Wild Grape Surge

Fortunately for them… and me… Mott’s has made it easy to always pick a tasty drink. Whether enjoying a bottle of Wild Grape Surge with lunch or grabbing Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush while running out the door, the girls are loving the new drink selections. Not to mention, Colby and I love the fact that they contain 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C, along with the other nutritional facts I mentioned earlier. After all, keeping our kids healthy is most important.

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How do you keep your kids hydrated everyday?

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