Dress Up Your Sink with Softsoap Décor Collection

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Does your sink seem to need a touch of something more? With Softsoap’s Décor Collection, you can dress up your sink with a touch of simply luxury.

Softsoap Décor Collection

Softsoap Décor Collection

The new Softsoap Décor Collection is a simple, beautiful, and easily affordable way to dress up any sink in your home. Whether you need to give your bathroom sink or your kitchen sink a new look, the new product line is just what you need. Not only will your sink get a new look, but the premium liquid hand soaps will leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. Plus, they will smell fresh and clean after every use.

Each fragrance will create an indulgent hand washing experience for you, your family, and your guests. Each liquid soap is an “exquisite blend of the finest fragrances.”

  • Wild Basil & Lime
  • Orchid Petals & Mint Water
  • Peony & Plum

Not only does each soap have an enchanting fragrance, but the bottle itself is made to accent your sink. No matter where it is in the house, the Softsoap Décor Collection can dress up your sink. Express your personal style with a sink accessories and your choice of the Softsoap Décor Collection liquid soaps. A little can go a long way. Take a look at our guest bathroom before…

dress up sink before

And then after.

Peony and Plum Softsoap

A bottle of Peony & Plum accented by a candle and a few flowers, and our bathroom is ready to receive guests. That one small accent was able to make a big difference and became the centerpiece for the sink. It was easy and affordable to do with just a few changes. Starting with the Softsoap Décor Collection soap.

How would you dress up your sink with the Softsoap Décor Collection?

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