Snack Ideas for Family Road Trips

Snack Ideas for Family Road Trips with Kroger

We love to travel as often as we can.

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Whether it’s just Colby and I taking an overnight drive or all eight of us piling into the car for a week-long vacation, we enjoy the thrill of adventure that accompanies travel.

And, with our family size, we have found that the best, most affordable, way for us to travel often is to take family road trips.

Snacks Ideas for Family Road Trips

Family Road Trips

As our older children have gotten older and begun working, and living their own lives, we tend to travel most often with our younger three girls.

We already have four road trips planned over the next few months, from 2-day trips to an 8-day trip that takes us across 9 different states.

Fortunately, the girls travel extremely well and we have everything down to an art when it comes to packing and riding.

With a large family, both organization and detailed planning go a long way to help save our sanity.

road trip snack ideas for kids

And the most important part of any road trip? According to my husband and kids, the snacks!

I can appreciate that answer considering it helps to alleviate a few stops on the road, gets everyone from point A to point B with a little less complaining, and – simple enough – helps us travel happier.

Therefore, before we hit the road, we make a shopping list for road trip snacks and head to our neighborhood Kroger to save with their Red, White & BBQ prices.

Our favorite road trip snack ideas include:

  • chips
  • nuts
  • beef jerky
  • pretzels
  • fruit snacks
  • granola bars
  • dried fruit
  • dry cereal
  • crackers

Not to mention, plenty of drinks and lots of fun.

Kroger road trip snacks

Plus, while at Kroger grabbing road trip snacks for the whole family, we can also gas up for the journey. 

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visit to Oklahoma City Zoo

Once we have gas for our car and snacks for the road, we can settle in for the ride. A recent road trip took us to Oklahoma to explore nature and simply get outdoors for a while.

Having made the trip up Adventure Road before, we know our favorite places to stop and always look for new points of interest to explore.

With over 130 miles of highway to explore, there is plenty to see and do every time we drive through.

Considering we’re just 45 minutes from the Oklahoma/Texas border, it just makes for a good mini-road trip itinerary when we want to escape for a day or two.

summer family road trip snacks

Having plenty of gas and road trip snacks from Kroger before we head down it simply makes it more fun and worry-free.

What are your favorite snacks for family road trips?

Stock up on car-friendly snacks and save money with the Summer Fuel Program at Kroger before you head out on your next family road trip!