Exploring Small Town USA with Gold Peak Brewed Tea

Disclosure: Thanks to our friends at Coca-Cola for the opportunity to enjoy Gold Peak Tea in our hometown!

To say we’ve been on the road most of the summer is a bit of an understatement. In fact, with just a couple of days home between trips, Colby and I recently decided we desperately needed a staycation to simply explore what is going on locally. We honestly haven’t been home much to even see what has been taking place in our hometown. We stopped by our local Jack In The Box for a Gold Peak Brewed Tea and snack and then set out to discover our city once again.


Exploring Small Town USA

I actually read this past week that our small town has been recognized as one of the top 10 places to raise a family! Not a bad distinction if I do say so myself. My parents have lived here for almost 21 years and we moved here about 12 years ago. In the past 6 or 7 years, the town has really been working hard to bring people in and to make the city a place people enjoy being. A new city center is currently under construction and the two main roads have just recently been repaved and widened. But, despite all of the improvements taking place, we still see plenty of growth and opportunity happening all around us.


Therefore, our date day was the perfect opportunity to get out and see what others see in our small town. After all, Small Town, U.S.A. is every bit of what people think it is. Well, mostly. Friendly people (we also have been honored as one of the safest cities in America) are perhaps the biggest draw, at least for us. We love our neighbors and truly enjoy getting out to see people. We rarely go to the store, park, beach or anywhere really without seeing someone we know. Grabbing a glass of ice cold Gold Peak Brewed Tea and heading to our neighbor’s front porch to talk is a frequent thing. We actually do that around here and love being able to do so.


As we drove around, we stopped by the girls’ favorite park. The park itself actually began as the town’s original city center. The first post office and an old log cabin were all that the field held. Within the past couple of years, those building were restored and rejuvenated, while a play area was added to the land beside them. Now, children can play with their friends while also learning a bit of the town’s history. It’s a great way to draw everyone around here to the history of our hometown.


Additionally, being a lake town, much time and energy has been spent on bringing the lake area back to life. With a newly renovated park there as well, the small sandy beach we once had has now become four times its original size. And, most summer days, it is covered from one end to the other with tents, towels, beach balls and plenty of cold Gold Peak Tea. (Y’all do realize ice tea is a very Southern thing, right?! Almost everyone I know looks to it as a comfort thing that represents the simple pleasures in life.) And even when we are out on the road, we can find that “The Taste That Brings You Home” at Gold Peak partner restaurants so that we can always feel close to home.


Can you tell that we love being outdoors? Next to the lake, there are several walking trails that allow you to enjoy the peace of the water while surrounded by nature. Of course, that “nature” can often include coyotes, bobcats, snakes and fish, it’s all part of living in the country. There is always something to do — contrary to what some may think about small towns. And you can always count on your family, friends and neighbors to be ready when you need something or just want to get together and chat. One thing we don’t lack in a small town: something to talk about.


Lift your glass of Gold Peak Tea and cheer life right where you are. After all, life is for living in the present. We need to stop and enjoy the simple pleasure of everyday togetherness. That’s what it’s all about.