Slimmer Sides Lead to Healthier You at Piccadilly

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Piccadilly Restaurants. All opinions are 100% mine.

Colby and I have been doing our best to make healthier food choices. The hardest part can be when it comes time to eat out. There are simply days when it is necessary. Fortunately, Piccadilly Restaurants make that easier!

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Slimmer Sides at Piccadilly

With the new Homestyle Veggie Plate at Piccadilly for just $5.49, you can see your sides and your wallet slim down. You can choose three wholesome sides, which includes steamed veggies and fruit salad, and then add your choice of a fresh baked bread. Who needs meat when you can fill up on delicious sides?

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Even if your family is like ours and can’t decide on a favorite, you have the option to choose three great tasting sides. Enough to please the entire family. Considering our better choices lifestyle, Colby and I would most likely choose the broccoli florets or even the green beans to share.

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The kids may be a different story some days. French Fries and Macaroni and Cheese could be our only option with them if they are in a picky mood. Corn and fruit are always pleasing to them as well. Fortunately, with three choices to make, we should all get to have a bit of the food that we each enjoy.

What is your favorite Piccadilly meal? Which side would you choose?

Whether trying to keep your sides slim or wallet a little lighter, Piccadilly Restaurants has just what you need!

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