Skin Care Regimen

Even with 4 daughters, I am not the most educated when it comes to make-up. I know that my girls like to wear it… but I have never worn it on a daily basis. Special occasions? Sure. My wedding. Dances back when I was in school. Picture days. All times when someone else put it on for me. My dad always bought me make-up when I was growing up and told me to learn how to wear it… but I never did. But, I know that my husband enjoys seeing me in it every once in a while. And I know this because he stares and smiles when the girls put it on me while playing. So learning the ins-and-outs of make-up is something I should do. Therefore, I took the initiative as the girls and I set out for Walmart this past weekend for an expert beauty consultation.

Beauty Scoop

CoverGirl and Olay

We heard that we could find a beauty consultant hanging out at Walmart so we kept our eyes open for her as we walked through the store. We actually found her in the cosmetic aisles doing a consultation introducing CoverGirl and Olay products with another customer when we arrived. So, we took a look around while we waited for her to finish up. Once she finished we began talking to her about the products I was interested in we realized that we knew each other.  We had actually met at a previous media event and tweeted each other several times. So, it was fun to get to talk with her once again in person… and introduce her to 3 of my 5 kids.

This made talking to her a lot easier and the girls and I were able to fire off all sorts of questions. We were going from one aisle to the next based on our continuous line of questions. My teenage daughter had a great time learning more about the products she loved… as well as some new ones she was not yet aware of. On fact, the Walmart beauty consultant was able to talk us through a whole new skin care regimen and we learned so much. Take a look.

Skin Care Regimen

New Skin Care Regimen

  1. Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away! – Using the Powered Contour Cleansing System, we learned the importance of cleaning our face… and then cleaning it again. Our Walmart Beauty Consultant made sure the girls repeated this back to her several times. The cleansing brush paired with the Shine, Shine Go Away will give you a nice, deep cleanse.
  2. Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture Cream – Next, you need a good moisturizer. The Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture Cream keeps your skin feeling soft, smooth, and fresh.  Not to mention, it has a great, light fragrance. This is a big deal for me considering I am allergic to fragrances. I was able to smell it and have no adverse reactions. And I actually liked the scent. My girls were quite delighted by it.
  3. Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream – The  Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream offers 5 skin-perfecting benefits: refreshes, brightens, evens tone, hydrates, and smooths. Plus, it offers a nice tinted base color based on your skin tone, as well as a SPF 15 for sun protection.

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream
By following these three easy steps we learned how to properly take care of our skin. But, the girls really enjoyed learning about the great make-up selection at Walmart. Noticing that the younger 2 girls had their nails done (my oldest took them for man/pedis the night before), our Walmart Beauty Consultant took us to the CoverGirl Nail products. Each of the girls was able to find a nice shade of CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss to bring home with them based on her recommendations. The expert beauty consultant informed us that the CoverGirl Nail Polish lasts for up to 7 days, dries quickly, and has a built-in topcoat for a nice, glossy finish.

CoverGirl make-up
We then took a look at the various palettes of eye shadow. Of course, the girls needed to find shades that would perfectly match their CoverGirl nail polish. They each selected a CoverGirl Eye Shadow Kit  with 4 colors to perfectly blend on their eye lids. The beauty consultant suggested the CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara to accompany the eye shadow kit. My teenage daughter already uses the Clump Crusher and was thrilled to learn more about it. She even had a few questions about it that the Walmart beauty consultant answered with ease.

It was at this point that we remembered seeing a lash serum. My teen was very interested in learning more and remembered to ask. We were directed towards the Regenerist Eye & Lash Duo. This eye cream and lash serum actually conditions and thickens your lashes, as well as gives you smoother-looking eye lids. Oh yes, I need this one. We made sure to pick it up as well.

Next, I asked about a great cover up. All of these freckles often drive me crazy… and sometimes it would be nice to hide them a little. Therefore, the beauty consultant recommended the Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation. My teenage daughter and I both tried a couple different colors to find our perfect shade and then went to search for the ones we needed. Since I tend to get darker throughout the summer months and have more of an olive skin tone, this was not a product we could share. That meant I was actually able to find something just for me that the girls would not get to use. WooHoo!

Cover Girl
Finally, I had to ask about hair care. My hair has a natural curl to it that can be really unruly with the humidity. Plus, since there was a storm coming in, I wanted to be able to control it on our upcoming date night. We were led to the Pantene Age Defy and Advanced Keratin Repair Trial Kits. The Split end fuser found in the pack did exactly what I was looking for. Not top mention, the included shampoo and conditioner are made to all work together to restore smoothness so we bought the trial pack to see how it works. So far so good! My hair actually stayed in place for our date night.

Date Night

Speaking of our date night, once the girls and I were through with our expert beauty consultation, we had to get home so I could shower. Colby and I were supposed to go out and I needed to get ready. The rain put a damper on our original plan of attending a local “Date Night in the Park” after a delicious dinner, so we had to go with Plan B. We decided to watch a dinner and grab movie at the same time at the local Studio Movie Grill. There was a movie the girls wanted to see later in the week so we decided to pre-screen it before taking them.

Thus, after a quick shower, I went to my daughter’s room and had a seat at her vanity. She had already been playing beauty shop on her friend that had come over because she wanted to show her all the great new stuff we had just brought home. I hopped into the chair next and let her apply each product based on the steps we learned at Walmart.

Cover Girl make-up
After making sure my face was clean, she applied the Regenerist Eye & Lash Duo, moisturizer, Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream, Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation, eye shadow, and CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara. A bit of Pantene Age Defy Split end fuser in my hair and I was ready to go.

Date Night
Colby and I left the girls with my parents and set out for dinner and a movie. A cup of coffee on the way home and an hour or so with my parents and the girls and we were back home. Fortunately we had a wonderful date the night before as well, so we were able to simply make the best of what we time we had… alone. After all, nothing beats a little mommy-daddy time alone. We love our kids but feel as though our date nights keep our marriage fresh and new! The kids know this and are awesome about letting us get away.

And I caught Colby glimpsing over with a smile several times as we drive to the movie. I know he likes the new look… so we will have to see about repeating it in a few weeks. Good thing I know what I am doing now. My dad would be proud!

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