How to Help an Aging Parent Cope with Hearing Loss

10 Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common condition as you age. It also occurs gradually, and you may be oblivious of the severity of the state until it is too late, so it is crucial to detect the problem early for proper treatment.

How to Help an Aging Parent Cope with Hearing Loss

Visit a doctor to get a hearing test if you experience the following signs and symptoms:

  1. You watch people’s lips during conversations instead of making eye contact

When one of your senses does not function as expected, your brain takes advantage of another sense to fill in the gap. In cases of hearing loss, your brain will leverage eyesight.

If you are constantly shifting your eyes to someone’s mouth to determine the shape of their lips when saying certain sounds such as “p” and “f,” it could signify hearing troubles.

  1. Your family, friends, and neighbors complain that your TV is too loud

Following a television show, especially when background music drowns the conversations, is difficult for most people, and one may find themselves turning up the volume.

However, if you find that you turn your volume so high that your loved ones and neighbors start complaining, you should consider taking the best online hearing test frequency for proper diagnosis.

  1. Difficulties following conversations in noisy places

Hearing loss makes it harder to hear what other people are saying, especially in a noisy zone. This is because background noises in areas like restaurants or malls are often low-pitched, while most sounds like “s” and “f” are high-pitched.

You are likely to hear the low-pitched noises better than the speech from a friend or colleague in noisy surroundings, especially when you have issues hearing high-pitch tones.

Your age could also affect how your brain processes certain sounds, making it challenging to ignore background noises.

  1. You have trouble hearing on the phone

One of the most common indicators of hearing loss is experiencing difficulties hearing clients, co-workers, or friends over the phone. However, you may not notice a hearing problem soon enough since landlines and cell phones have a controlled setting that amps the volume.

Be sure to check your phone volume settings constantly, and if you realize that you inch the volume up louder, you could have a hearing loss. 

  1. You have difficulties hearing children and women

Hearing problems are common within specific frequency ranges, and as you age, you are likely to experience higher frequency hearing loss. This makes it harder to hear women and children as they often speak in higher frequencies and pitches.

You are more likely to struggle to listen to what your wife and grandchildren say than when a man with a big, booming voice talks to you.

  1. Your ears feel clogged

It is not uncommon for your ears to feel clogged, especially when they have too many fluids and wax. However, if your physician confirms that your ears appear clear, you should consider scheduling a hearing test.

Hearing loss due to old age often makes sounds seem muffled or dull, which often gives you a clogged feeling. 

  1. You are constantly frustrated and annoyed during conversations

Do you often feel annoyed or frustrated during conversations with your loved ones? It could be a sign that you have hearing loss.

When you cannot hear what those around you are saying, it can trigger anger and frustrations, the common symptoms of anxiety, and depression, among other emotional and mental disorders.

Along with scheduling a hearing test for diagnosis, consult a therapist to help you manage your anger and frustrations to avoid pushing those who care about you away.

  1. You have difficulties following conversations where multiple people are talking at the same time

Being a little lost in a conversation does not necessarily mean you have hearing loss, as the ability to comprehend multiple competing incoming signals often deteriorates as you age.

However, if you constantly have difficulties keeping up with a conversation when numerous people speak simultaneously, you could be experiencing hearing problems.

  1. You say ‘pardon’ or ‘what’ a lot

It is okay to ask a family member, friend, or colleague who is ten feet away to repeat something because you did not catch it the first time.

However, if you say “pardon,” “what,” or “repeat” multiple times during conversations, it could mean that your brain is not processing sound signals correctly, and you may be suffering from hearing loss.

  1.  Misunderstanding what people say

Hearing loss often affects a person’s ability to discern speech sounds, and you may end up misunderstanding what someone says. This type of hearing loss is usually caused by exposure to loud noises or old age.

Fortunately, investing in hearing aids can help you overcome the awkwardness or embarrassment of misunderstanding directions.


The sooner you detect hearing loss, the higher the chances of successful treatment. If you experience the above signs and symptoms of hearing loss, do not hesitate to get a hearing test for proper diagnosis and treatment.