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6 Rules for Shopping with Tween Girls

If I have to be honest, shopping is not one of my favorite activities. Especially not when it is for one of our 4 daughters. Oh my. It can be downright torture if Colby and I do not “play the game right.” Yes, we have learned over the course of almost 19 years how to best shop with our daughters. You know, the unspoken rules for shopping with tween girls.

6 Rules for Shopping with Tween Girls

Rules for Shopping with Tween Girls

Considering my girls’ size, we can still frequent Gymboree, a brand we know and trust. They enjoy the selections and fit of the clothes… and they go up to size 12. Perfect! But, as we head out to the store, as I mentioned, there are a few things Colby and I keep in mind. It helps make the entire process easier and more fun for everyone.

#1 – Set a budget. Let the girls know the amount you are willing to spend. It’s the perfect time to teach them some math. My girls know to look for sales and clearance items first. This will help eliminate you breaking the bank and disappointment for them.

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#2 – Be present but invisible. Okay, now I don’t mean disappear or give them full reign. But step back and give them some room to look around and make their own decisions. They are getting to the age where being an individual is important to them. Now, Gymboree makes it easy to keep the color palettes the same among the girls, but they still pick out their own looks and styles. For now, for my girls, that is still enough to keep them happy.

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#3 – Privacy. The most likely no longer need your help in the fitting room. Standing outside the door is fine. Going in uninvited is not. They are growing girls and need a little space. You can get a glimpse at the outfit when they emerge from the dressing room.

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#4 – Speak gently. Don’t crush them with your words. My girls know that I will never agree to a skimpy top or short-shorts. Tight clothes are not going to happen. They are tweens and their clothes should be modest and tasteful. Yet I don’t want to start anything (been there, done that) so I tell suggest another item and refuse to look back. This is not always fun or easy but must be done.

Gymboree tween girl fashion

#5 – Know each of your kids. I know that whereas one of my daughters is a diva, her older sister is the tomboy. No way can I expect them to have the same style. But, the tomboy is also a bit more extravagant in her taste. She likes to get the flashy hats, bold-colored sunglasses, and dangle earrings. Be open to letting them be themselves.

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#6 – Have fun! As I mentioned, I dislike shopping. BUT… my girls love it. Therefore, I put on my happy face and do my best to handle as many hours as I can at the stores. After all, it’s not about spending money, gathering items, or getting out of the house. For them, it is all about spending time with mom. That, my friends, is priceless by all accounts.

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Parenting is about creating and capturing those small moments that make everything worth it in the end. Shopping, for my tweens, is one of those moments.

What ways do you make shopping with your tweens easier?

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